The Great Decagalactic Expedition

A few weeks ago I decided to start a Creative Mode No Man’s Sky adventure to catalog each type of planet biome across the first ten galaxies on both PC and PS4 (except the “weird” biomes, sorry, those were just taking too long to stumble upon) .  The Euclid galaxy tends to be the most well-documented galaxy because it’s the first one, however with the advent of quick-travel portals and the Artemis storyline there is an increasing player presence in the other galaxies. So in an effort to make The Portal Repository useful to those outside Euclid I decided to launch an intergalactic portal expedition through the first ten galaxies: The Great Decagalactic Expedition!

Here’s how I quickly jump from galaxy to galaxy:

  1. I dial a portal address to a planet somewhere near the center of my current galaxy. In the case of Euclid I used Kobol’s Gateway.
  2. Then I build a signal booster and search for habitable bases. The first two results are usually far away from the portal, but the third result tends to be less than a 20-minute walk from the portal.
  3. Build a Nomad exocraft and drive to the nearby habitable base.
  4. Claim the base.
  5. Drive back to the portal, go back through to the previous planet that I originally dialed in from.
  6. Get back into my ship and fly to the space station.
  7. Use the space station’s teleporter to transport back to my freshly-claimed base.
  8. Upon arrival in my new base my ship is now parked just outside.
  9. I disown the base so others can claim it in the future.
  10. Hop in my ship, fly to space and then follow the path to the galactic center and jump to the next galaxy! (Sometimes the planet I portal to isn’t exactly right on the edge of the central void, but it’s close enough and only takes a single jump to get to a system right on the edge.)

So as you can see, no mods, no cheating. I only use methods of travel that are intended to be used during normal gameplay. Although I started this expedition on PC I plan to do the same thing on PS4 eventually. Since I can’t use mods on PS4 I needed a method that used only the built-in mechanics.

This is how I conduct the portal expedition in each galaxy:

  1. I generate a list of between 10-20 random portal addresses using This Spreadsheet I created.
  2. Then I copy those random addresses to my phone’s Notes.
  3. On the first planet that I start off in the new galaxy I build the signal scanner, find the nearest monolith, use it to locate the portal, then fly to it.
  4. From the top of the list I just start dialing each address and travel to the random planet.
  5. Using the Notes app on my phone, I document one of each type of biome in that galaxy (Dry, Lush, Radioactive, Dead, Toxic, Frozen and Hot). If I travel to a planet with a biome that I have already documented in that galaxy I turn around and head back to try the next address on the list.

Although galaxies other than Euclid are less populated I’m hoping that the addresses documented here on The Portal Repository will help Travellers feel a little less alone.

So far I’ve completed expeditions on PC through Hilbert Dimension and Calypso. More are soon to come…

Hilbert Dimension Expedition
Hilbert Dimension Expedition


Calypso Expedition
Calypso Expedition