The Portal Repository was founded in October 2017 by Traveller HusbandVader following his recent transition to the Budullangr galaxy. After losing access to all his previous locations discovered in Euclid, HusbandVader decided to settle a region of space known as the Sobek Colonial Confederation in the Poscovim Adjunct region of Budullangr (PC/Normal). The Portal Repository was started as his way of documenting his own exploration. Over time, other players came across this website and wanted to contribute their own addresses to the catalog. As a result, HusbandVader decided to open site registration and allow any Traveller to submit portal addresses to the database.


Before The Portal Repository was founded there were already several internet resources for finding portal addresses, however the main problem with all of them was that they were difficult to search and often were missing critical information such as galaxy, game mode and platform.

The purpose of The Portal Repository is to provide Travellers of No Man’s Sky with a high-quality, searchable database of known portal addresses in order to facilitate exploration, wealth creation and community interaction. 


1. Quality

All addresses in The Portal Repository will contain at a minimum the planet name, biome, platform and game mode, with optional additional meta fields available to contain as much detail as possible.

2. Organization

Addresses use a taxonomy combination of categories, tags and meta data to ensure easy readability, filtering and sorting.

3. Accessibility

Users are able to query the database from any type of device using flexible search criteria in order to return only desired and relevant results. Furthermore, the process to submit addresses to the Repository is simple and user-friendly.

4. Objectivity  

All portal addresses that meet the minimum quality requirements are qualified to be published, regardless of any associations with other player groups, hubs, civilizations, alliances, etc.