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NMS Wins SXSW Award for “Most Evolved Game”

March 17th, 2019 by

Last night SXSW Gaming hosted their 2019 Gaming Awards show where the gaming community voted for the best games in a wide variety of categories. Among these categories, No Man’s Sky NEXT was nominated for “Most Evolved Game”. The Portal Repository is happy to report that No Man’s Sky won this award, beating other popular games like Destiny 2: Forsaken, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Pokemon Go.

As someone who has been playing No Man’s Sky since the 2016 release, it’s easy to see why Hello Games won this award. After a rocky launch, the developers behind No Man’s Sky were faced with a choice, listen to the constructive criticism of their fans and continue development, or listen to the disparaging comments and quietly let No Man’s Sky die. In the face of immense adversity Hello Games chose to double-down and show all the critics what the game had the potential to be.

No Man's Sky: NEXT
No Man’s Sky: NEXT

A steady stream of free updates continued to roll out over the next several years, incrementally improving many aspects to the game. In the summer of 2018, just before the two year anniversary, Hello Games released an update titled NEXT, their most significant update since launch. NEXT was the result of general community feedback and direct player input from surveys sent out by Hello Games themselves during the Waking Titan ARG.

No Man’s Sky was also previously nominated for the “Labor of Love” Steam Award, and “Best Ongoing Game” at The Game Awards show. Although No Man’s Sky might not be all things to all people, Hello Games have demonstrated time after time that they listen to their dedicated fans and incorporate their feedback into each new (and free) update. It hasn’t always been rainbows and roses, but no one said evolution was painless. No Man’s Sky NEXT was the clear choice to win the “Most Evolved Game” award and Sean Murray and the developers at Hello Games should be very proud of this achievement.

Xeboroug Gamma

March 17th, 2019 by
Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 5166F5549C2E
Galactic Coordinates 042D 0074 0D48 0166
System Name Alfborge
Celestial Bodies 4 Planets 1 Moon
Climate Scalding Rainstorms
Flora Generous
Fauna Rich
Sentinals Passive
Economy Scientific // Developing
Discovered By Gatun
Notes Very large crabs like creatures
Game Mode, Biome, Keywords , , , ,
Submitted By
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Zona 0

March 17th, 2019 by
Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 20C5FEAD2C3F
Galactic Coordinates 043E 007D 02D1 00C5
System Name Urovnyev XIV
Celestial Bodies 3 Planets 2 Moons
Climate Obsidian Heat
Flora Abundant
Fauna Rich
Sentinals Regular
Economy Mathematical // Adequate
Discovered By FSHerrante
Game Mode, Biome, Keywords , , , ,
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Coming Summer 2019: No Man’s Sky Beyond

March 15th, 2019 by

Today Hello Games announced the next update to No Man’s Sky, called BeyondThis new update will feature 3 major components, the first of which is “No Man’s Sky Online”.

No Man’s Sky Online includes a radical new social and multiplayer experience which empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together. Whilst this brings people together like never before, and has many recognisable online elements, we don’t consider No Man’s Sky to be an MMO – it won’t require a subscription, won’t contain microtransactions, and will be free for all existing players.

The other two components remain unknown at this time, but Sean Murray assures us that all will be revealed in due time. Beyond is expected to be released sometime in the summer of 2019. The Portal Repository will continue to post new information as it becomes available.

Read the original announcement from Hello Games.