Wacestock Omega

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 20C4F55C1C1D
System Name Eyburnia
Celestial Bodies 5 Planets 1 Moon
Climate Blistering Damp
Flora Rich
Fauna Frequent
Sentinals Passive
Economy Mercantile // Comfortable
Discovered By Fedor
Base Description Nice base in the trees
Notes Nice planet, wild base computer near portal
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Railway II

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), PS4
Hex Address 211205221694
System Name Railway Solar System
Celestial Bodies 2 Planets
Climate Refreshing Breeze
Flora Generous
Fauna Abundant
Sentinals Minimal
Economy Trading // Developing
Discovered By Coconut_of_Doom
Base Description A small starter base I don't use anymore. Another player built one here but deleted it. The name remains however in my game when I travel so I that's why I put two. Only one is visible.
Notes A beautiful planet with plenty of untouched oceans, calm and vibrant land, and a HUGE abundance of Korvax artifacts.
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Urinchalo Mari

S-class exotic from Eidolon Prime.
Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), Galactic Hub Project, PC
Mods No
Hex Address 106803556C4D
Galactic Coordinates 044C:0082:0D55:0068
System Name HUB1-!-68 Eidolon Prime
Celestial Bodies 3 Planets
Climate Haunted Frost
Flora High
Fauna Generous
Sentinals Minimal
Economy Advanced Materials // Poor
Discovered By wa.lackner
Base Description Small base near portal with landing pads, nomad exocraft, glass.
Notes A white S-class exotic "squid" ship consistently enters the starbase in this system after entering it via portal or reloading a save.
Gamepedia Link Galactic Hub Project
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Firestorm Death

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (Xbox), Xbox
Hex Address 20710691A014
Galactic Coordinates 0813:0085:0119:0071
System Name Fire and Death
Climate Firestorm
Discovered By maecenus777
Base Description Firestorm Death Portal is located within sight of the portal exit. It is a massive pyramid set atop a floating island hovering above a large lake.
Notes This pyramid base is large and full of plants in biodomes, please take your time and allow for the base to load as you explore. Don’t forget to visit the Firestorm Death Lounge on the top level!
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Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), PS4
Hex Address 2013FF14C6E8
System Name Vussoyst
Celestial Bodies 6 Planets
Climate Nuclidic atmospere
Flora Generous
Fauna Numerous
Sentinals Limited
Economy Energy supply // Advanced
Discovered By Ivansky_Rutpo
Base Description A small shelter to hide from the radiation
Notes It's not much but it has some weird animals (no water) I found this planet while playing an online game!
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Galaxy, Platform 02 Hilbert Dimension (PS4), PS4
Hex Address 3044FC935F35
System Name Wulisbo System G6f
Celestial Bodies 3 Planets
Climate Cold/Frosty
Flora Medium
Fauna Minimal
Sentinals Unknown
Economy Sustainable
Discovered By LibertyRacer
Base Description Very large base with plants and supplies. Eco craft ready to explore.
Notes Come check out the base and leave a message and your portal address. I will do the same and contribute.
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Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), PS4
Hex Address 30040967AE1F
Galactic Coordinates 061E:0088:0E79:0004
System Name Aphnomp-Ita
Celestial Bodies 4 Planets
Climate Occasional Radiation Outbursts
Flora Bountiful
Fauna Full
Sentinals Standard
Economy Prosperous
Discovered By gravitydeficit
Base Description Arosiu Colony
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Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), Alliance of Galactic Travellers, PS4
Hex Address 01D0F3545C3E
Galactic Coordinates 043d:0072:0d44:01d0
System Name AGT Fever Cloud
Celestial Bodies 6 Planets
Climate Anomalous
Flora Abundant
Fauna Bountiful
Sentinals Limited
Economy Data Unavailable
Discovered By zazariins
Base Description Digital Big Ben is a tourist destination in the artist system of AGT Fever Cloud which was established for the creation of creative bases. It is a long trek to the top but the views are impressive. Enjoy your visit.
Notes There are many bases in this system so navigating may be tricky. This base will be listed as bionicheart70’s bases. I have several other bases in this system listed under: mr_phishead. Visiting this system is worth the effort.
Gamepedia Link Alliance of Galactic Travellers
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