Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 6163FBA2E3CA
System Name Geullaxy
Celestial Bodies 5 Planets 1 Moon
Climate Clammy menance
Flora High
Fauna Ample
Sentinels Isolated
Economy Engineering // Adequate
Discovered By John
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Peacer E29

Galaxy, Platform 10 Eissentam (PS4), PS4
Hex Address 419CF5D3666B
System Name Eissentam Quicksilver Pulse Fishing System
Climate Memories of Frost
Flora From Elsewhere
Fauna Unusual
Sentinels Regular Patrols
Economy Uncharted
Discovered By ClaireOdendron
Base Description This is a QuickSilver system in Eissentam which also has a rare local flock of Mini-Stars. They only appear after you shoot the Stellar Ice. Don't pulse after that, or the flock will disappear again. To get to them, you can only fly at boost speed (circle on PS4), even though it will take a few minutes to get to them. I made a video with more details at
Notes Not sure if the Mini-Stars are fauna or some other type of anomalous space encounter. They look very similar to the stars seen in the galactic map, but they exist inside of normal space, near a planet. They show up consistently and in the same location.

Also, this is a great quicksilver pulse-fishing system, as well. The condensed stellar ice appears almost right away.
Gamepedia Link YouTube Video
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Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (Xbox), Xbox
Hex Address 61B90752FB94
System Name Nantorcep
Climate Balmy
Flora Generous
Fauna Copious
Sentinels Isolated
Economy Full generation // satisfactory
Discovered By Wisprtingsword
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Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), PS4
Hex Address 11E8FC005FFB
System Name Likinni VIII
Celestial Bodies 2 Planets
Climate Beautiful
Sentinels Low
Economy Scientific // Developing
Discovered By Diktator_Nukez
Base Description There are many player bases on this planet. I’ve placed a red save beacon at mine so to find it follow the red star. The base has all you’ll need to create a couple of stasis devices. (providing you have the blueprints for one)
Notes This system is a gateway system, just one jump to the galactic centre of Euclid
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Red Bee X14

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 617803008001
Galactic Coordinates 0800:0082:0807:0178
System Name VoidIndustries Galaxy
Celestial Bodies 5 Planets
Climate Nice
Flora Much
Fauna Rich
Sentinels Sparse
Economy Commerce
Discovered By mhtorezani
Base Description FARM, Eggs and Milk.
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Cirenee hinoh

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), PS4
Hex Address 11B901694D85
System Name Aibata-Ajsa
Celestial Bodies 4 Planets 2 Moons
Climate Lethal humidity outbreaks
Flora Full
Fauna Rich
Sentinels None
Discovered By Robotdragonfire
Base Description Please let the base load in and please read notes. This is my home base/city it is small and I have no ps+ subscription so it’s 1 player
In order to gat to the. Base use teleporter near exit portal and go to “Adeboleesd sitty”. You know you’re there when you see a big orange yellow beacon in the sky
Notes Feal free to link a portal to ur home bas
In order to get to the base you must follow the track with a Exo-craft. Multiple Exo-craft spawn are provided .
I will update this... soon or teleporter
Folo the signal continue
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hepor m27

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), PS4
Hex Address 21ED00B63AB2
Galactic Coordinates 02B1:007F:0362:01ED
System Name baalis-quey
Climate crisp
Flora abundant
Fauna medium
Sentinels none
Economy Ore Processing // Sustainable
Discovered By saelri24
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AGT Minima

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), Alliance of Galactic Travellers, PS4
Hex Address 2039F3545C3E
System Name AGT Holbere-Lugark
Celestial Bodies 6 Planets
Climate Beautiful
Flora Full
Fauna Rich
Sentinels Minimal
Economy Fuel generation // Satisfactory
Discovered By zaz_ariins
Base Description Munchkinia
Located on planet AGT Minima, AGT Holbere-Lugark System, Yihelli Quadrant, Gamma Quadrant, Euclid Galaxy.
Munchkinia is a vacation retreat of the famous Gek rock musician Guyute Axilla. When not on tour or at his other homes Guyute uses this location for camping trips, solitude, parties and epic chess sessions with his friends. With a gorgeous view of the Minima Lighthouse, designed and built by famous architect Khalid Blade, this location also includes Guyute’s Psychedelic Swimming Pool which includes the Traveller Army statues and underwater gardens. For the adventurous jump off the diving platform into the pool. Explore the beautiful grounds. This is part of the Alliance of Galactic Travellers (AGT) community “tiny house” project. There are many other bases one may visit. We hope you enjoy your visit.
Notes Please allow time for base to render in.
Also if base icon doesn’t appear when making the first portal jump, try to go back and try again. Please leave communications stations at the portal (feel free to tell us where you are from). Due to base complexity please allow time for rendering. Please note there are many other bases.
Gamepedia Link Alliance of Galactic Travellers
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Umonrony T27

Galaxy, Platform Other (Specify in notes section), Xbox
Hex Address 404200162BDC
Galactic Coordinates 03DB:007F:0961:0042
System Name Medneur
Celestial Bodies 6 Planets
Climate Crimson Heat
Flora From Elsewhere
Fauna From Elsewhere
Sentinels Intermittent
Economy Prosperous (Mining)
Discovered By Jeroentje89
Base Description Some 13,000,000ly from Euclid we find the Medneur system. According to legend a giant machine capable of unearthing pure nanites is found in these regions.
Now a joint venture of Korvax, Gek and Vy'keen has set out to see if they can put this fable to the test. Having located the site on Umrony T27 they attempt to restore it.
Be welcomed Traveller and join in on this grand endeavor!

Dive in the belly of the beast and attempt to fire up it's engine, restoring the machine to it's former glory.
Go by the Overseer and watch the refining process up close.
Pay a visit to the Mining Tool Operator for the latest on mining technologies and equipment.
And check on the Farmer preserving delicate fungal growth and rare plants in the caves below.
Oh! Don't forget to grab some ore as a souvernir on you way out past the Science Officer.

Ad astra Travellers!
Notes G19 Isodraijung Galaxy
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Kayot 20/M5

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), PS4
Hex Address 21DD09B73B12
System Name Kuvaus-Kis
Celestial Bodies 4 Planets 2 Moons
Climate Obsidian Heat
Flora From Elsewhere
Fauna Forfeited
Sentinels Not present
Discovered By Guberism
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