This address was last updated during the Exo Mech iteration. Some planetary and system characteristics may have changed.
Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (Xbox), Equestrian Collective, Xbox
Hex Address 302AFFB93AAF
Galactic Coordinates 02AE:007E:0392:002A
System Name Parthenus [EQC:LO:02A]
Celestial Bodies 4 Planets 1 Moon
Climate Pleasant
Flora Copious
Fauna Medium
Sentinels Spread Thin
Economy Engineering // Low Supply
Discovered By KeyThePony
Base Description The City of Parthens is a city built atop a large mesa on a pleasant moon, consisting of 4 bases, 2 of which are still under construction. Parthens boasts a hotel, restaurant, general store, receiving center, convention center, and financial district. Many structures are built, but open to collab with seasoned base builders who might be better at furnishing some of them. Also open to players wishing to claiming their own lot for development, plans subject to approval. (by being invited to group and editing the official bases, not overwriting with your own, thank you) Personal bases are welcome on the moon, so long as they are no closer than 1000u to the city.
Notes Local demonym: Parthenians
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