No Man’s Sky: The Abyss

Hello Games has recently announced the next named update coming out the week of October 29th. The title of the update is “The Abyss” and according to Sean Murray:

It focuses on some of the eerier elements of No Man’s Sky, in keeping with the theme of this season.

(Read the official announcement here)

Not much else is known about what may be included in this update, however Xaine has put together a helpful video explaining some of the possible upcoming features based on information data-mined from the game files:

There have been several universal resets throughout the history of No Man’s Sky, the most recent one happened with the NEXT update. It is unclear whether another universal reset is coming with The Abyss, although personally I would be surprised if procedural generation seeds got reset again so soon after NEXT.

In any event, if the universe does get reset with The Abyss I will migrate all the NEXT addresses from the Main Repository onto a sub-site like I did with Atlas Rises and will also clear out all the old tags on the Main Repository so we can start fresh after the update.

Oct 29th 2018 Update:

The Abyss update is out and although ocean biomes got an overhaul it appears the universe didn’t go through any wide-scale reset. Since procedural generation didn’t reset I’m not going to split the database or archive the addresses submitted during NEXT. You can read the official patch notes here.

Base Visibility Bug

Please note that in the current version of No Man’s Sky there is a known bug that prevents shared bases from downloading while exploring. This means that if you dial a portal address for a planet where you expect to see someone’s base there is a good chance that it won’t show up.

You can read the full patch notes here. The relevant excerpt is below.

1.59 Patch Notes

I will post another update after the next patch is released with regards to this base visibility bug. In the meantime please don’t report addresses for missing bases as such reports will be ignored.

October 14th Update:

Based on the latest information it seems that this bug has been fixed. If you still encounter missing bases please leave a comment on the associated portal address so that A) Other players are made aware of the potential visibility issue and B) so that the person that posted the address will be notified that people couldn’t see their base. Do not report missing bases using the “Report/Update Address” feature, such reports will be ignored.

Verification and Auditors

Since NEXT launched a little over a month ago players have submitted over 200 portal addresses to The Portal Repository! Although it’s exciting to see the user-base expanding, one of the drawbacks is that sometimes people accidentally post inaccurate information. Not too long ago I introduced a feature that lets anybody report feedback on a particular address, however that is a reactive solution and I know I can do better.

That’s why I’m introducing a new feature: Verification.

Address verification is simply an audit of the existing addresses on this site. Administrators and auditors will go through the addresses that players submit and they will dial them in-game, verifying that the basic information is true and that the glyphs do indeed lead to the planet players would expect. Auditors will also check if player bases are visible, if special multitools/ships can be found and they will upload a screenshot if one wasn’t provided originally.

Once an address is audited a green check mark will appear in the list of icons above the meta table. This green check mark lets other users know that a staff member has personally dialed that address and confirmed it to be accurate.

It’s my hope that we can improve the content quality and instill greater user confidence by implementing a more structured audit program.

To become an auditor you must be a registered member on this site, you should be familiar with WordPress (or willing to learn), and obviously must have an updated copy of No Man’s Sky on either PC, PS4 or Xbox.  If you are interested in becoming an auditor please email


New Supporter Benefit: Instant Publishing & Badges

I’d like to thank all of my current supporters for your generous contribution to The Portal Repository on Patreon, PayPal and TeeSpring. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve the way addresses are published in order to maximize automation and reduce the amount of manual edits needed before an address can be published.

I’m happy to announce that I’m ready to beta-test “instant publishing” exclusively to my supporters!

In order to take advantage of this new benefit you must:

1. Be a Patreon supporter, PayPal donor or Teespring buyer. 

2. Be a registered user on 

3. Email me ([email protected]) with your username so I can add you to the “Supporter” roles

4. Be logged-in when you submit the New Portal Address form

If you’ve met these four requirements then your address will skip the manual review and get instantly published. All the necessary categories and keyword tags will be automatically set when your address is published. Also, if you make a mistake or want to change anything you can go right to the Dashboard and edit your post.

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Weekly Update

First off I want to thank everyone who’s submitted an address to The Portal Repository so far. Since NEXT launched on July 24th players have submitted 70+ portal addresses on all three major platforms, PC, PS4 and Xbox. Traffic has also been increasing, with over 8,000 unique visitors and 55,000+ page views in the last 7 days alone!

The best part about The Portal Repository is that it is an organized catalog, which means that addresses submitted early on won’t get buried and forgotten. Even old addresses can still be easily sorted and searched for at any time in the future.

I have been very busy over the last week, taking everyone’s feedback and suggestions to heart and doing what I can in the limited time I have available. Below is a summary of a few notable recent changes:

New Logo

On August 1st I revealed the new official logo for The Portal Repository. The design is styled after the 16 glowing glyphs on the outter ring of the portal entrance and on the pedestal.

Added To Reddit Sidebar

I contacted the mods for the No Man’s Sky subreddit and requested The Portal Repository to be added as a resource in the sidebar. My thanks go out to mods October_Citrus and WithYouInSpirit99 for getting this added so quickly!

New Official Twitter Account

Up until now I’ve been posting all news, events and updates from my personal Twitter account. Recently I made a change on this site where every new address is automatically shared to Twitter. This is a great way to show activity and grow the community, however with so many addresses being added recently it was starting to clutter my Twitter feed.

So based on a survey I conducted (and Peaceful Gamer’s suggestion) I decided to start a new Twitter account dedicated exclusively to The Portal Repository: @PortalRepo


In addition to my Patreon I also started a merchandise store on Teespring. Depending on popularity and feedback I may add more gear or change the available selection. By buying merchandise you can support this website and get something cool at the same time! It’s a win-win for all of us!
The Portal Repository Teespring Store

User Feedback Ticket System

As traffic increases so does the amount of feedback I receive. Tracking suggestions and bug reports can easily get out of hand using email alone. That’s why I’ve setup a managed helpdesk-style ticket system for registered users. Now any logged-in user can submit feedback and track the status of their ticket right from the new Contact page.

Users who are not registered can still submit tickets here, but beware that responses may be delayed.

Style Changes

As some of you may already have noticed I’ve made a few style changes to the theme of the site. Mainly the top menu on desktop screens has been re-styled to be white-on-black text, with the iconic “GeoNMS” font being used more frequently throughout the site. I also changed the color scheme and font for the meta data table for each address, more closely reflecting the palette of the in-game menus. Some other tweaks and changes have also been made to improve the overall look of the site.

As you can see it certainly has been a busy week. Thanks again for everyone’s continued feedback and contributions! Please remember that I personally fund this website myself and between hosting costs, security, bandwidth, domain names, etc the bill can really add up. If you enjoy using this site and want to support it please consider either becoming a monthly Patron or purchasing some of the merchandise. All earnings are used to offset the operating costs and are 100% re-invested into this website.

Week In Review

Now that the NEXT update has been out for a week I wanted to take this opportunity to get everybody up to speed on the latest happenings on this website and evaluate how NEXT affects The Portal Repository.

The Changes

Since NEXT was the biggest update from Hello Games it’s unsurprising that some things about this site would need to change. Below is a list of some of the changes implemented to accommodate the latest version of No Man’s Sky.

The Atlas Rises Archive

When NEXT launched it included a universal reset of the procedural generation seed. This meant that most planetary characteristics such as biome type, flora, fauna, etc were changed. To keep a historical record of the Atlas Rises era I created a subdomain site ( where all 372 addresses submitted before July 24th are stored in perpetuity. Each address is accompanied by a purple banner with a link to the corresponding address on the Main Repository, that way users can see how the address has changed after NEXT.

Tags Added, Tags Removed

On the main site, all Atlas Rises addresses are still present, but they’ve had all their tags removed and replaced with “Atlas Rises” (except for addresses “Near Center” since they are still near the center of the galaxy). The glyphs background for all Atlas Rises addresses has been changed to purple to help differentiate outdated information. A banner has also been added to the top of the metadata table that contains a link to the Atlas Rises subdomain archive, where users can view all the original tags associated with that particular address.

Got Updates?

On the submission form a new selection option has been provided to indicate whether the information you’re submitting is to update an existing address. When an old Atlas Rises post is updated with NEXT information the “Updated” tag will be appended, which applies a banner at the top of the metadata table, indicating that the address has been updated and gives a link to the original Atlas Rises address in the archive subdomain.

Top Ten Reset

The Top Addresses page has been updated and now will only display the top ten favorited posts from the NEXT version of the game. The favorite count for the old Atlas Rises addresses have not been changed, but they will no longer be included in the Top Addresses page since they contain outdated information.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Well, not actually, but I have updated the submission form so people can indicate if there are any publicly available player bases located at that portal address. Now that we are not limited to only one player base per planet I don’t think the “Base Redacted” tag is needed anymore, since it’s no longer possible to exploit that game mechanic and overwrite other people’s bases. I’ve also included an option to indicate how many player bases are present so that large multiplayer colonies can be sorted appropriately in the future. As a side note, the old tag for player bases was “Base (Inhabited)”, however since you can place base computers anywhere I’ve changed the tag to just be “Base”.

Remember, a base will not be publicly available until it has been uploaded!

Xbox Players, Welcome!

Now that No Man’s Sky is available to players on the Xbox platform I’ve created categories for Xboxgalaxies just like we have for PC and PS4 platforms. Since Xbox players are all starting from scratch I know it might take a little while before the Xbox community becomes familiar and comfortable with portals. Rest assured, The Portal Repository is ready and waiting to accept portal addresses from Xbox players!

Reach The Unreachable

During the Atlas Rises iteration of No Man’s Sky we quickly discovered a pretty substantial glitch in the portal network where we could not dial the address to the last planet in any star system. This became known as the frustrating “Unreachable Last Planet Glitch” and was the bane of many traveller’s existence. Fortunately my preliminary tests in NEXT indicate that this bug has been fixed and now we can reach every planet in a given star system!

In addition to the changes listed above I’ve made a few other tweaks and fixes to the website over the past week. That being said, I’m constantly improving this site and would welcome any suggestions from you guys on how The Portal Repository could be better. Please comment below or reach out to me via email.

Portal Repository Back Online

Now that some Xbox players have confirmed that they have access to No Man’s Sky: NEXT, The Portal Repository will re-activate and players can now start submitting portal addresses for the latest version of the game.

All the current Atlas Rises addresses that were submitted before NEXT launch have been copied over to a subdomain: to live forever in posterity. All existing addresses on the Main Repository have been marked with the “Atlas Rises” tag, a text banner has been added above the meta field and the glyphs background is colorized purple to help differentiate old addresses from new ones.




Since NEXT is launching today The Portal Repository will no longer accept address submissions from the previous 1.3x Atlas Rises version of the game. If you would like to update the information for an old address please use the submission form and select “yes” when asked “Is This an Update to an Existing Address In The Repository?”.




If you think the submission form should be changed to accommodate new features in NEXT please comment below or email the Repository admin.

Merry NEXTmas fellow Travellers!

— HusbandVader

NEXT Planned Maintenance

Starting at 1600GMT on July 23rd The Portal Repository will enter a maintenance mode so that all current Atlas Rises addresses can be locked and archived on a sub-domain. This also will allow time to make changes and updates to the site in preparation of the July 24th release of the NEXT update.

Addresses published on the main domain will be marked clearly to indicate that they are based on the Atlas Rises version. This marking/tag will be removed if updated post-NEXT information is provided.

The duration of downtime is not certain and will depend on the extent of changes involved in the NEXT update. I have taken time off from work so I can dedicate my time to learning new game mechanics of NEXT and so that I can quickly make updates and changes to The Portal Repository.

Follow me on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest announcements concerning this website. If anyone has specific feedback or feature requests that you’d like to see after the NEXT launch please leave a comment below or send me a DM on Twitter.

I’m really excited to see what’s in store for No Man’s Sky in less than 10 days!

Safe Travels My Friends,


Base Visiting Disclosure

Travellers, before visiting other players’ bases please review the following:

Claiming Bases:

Never claim a base on the same planet or system as another player. Doing so will override the original player’s base and others will no longer be able to see it. Base overriding is considered one of the most egregious actions in No Man’s Sky, so DON’T DO IT!

Missing Bases:

If you go to an address where you are expecting to see a player base but it’s not showing up please note that in recent weeks the Hello Games online servers have been having connectivity issues that affect comm stations and shared bases. If you can’t see a base try going back and forth through the portal a second time and make sure your “online services” is connected. You can also try logging off and then back on to try to force the base to spawn.

If you still don’t see the base please use the “Report/ Update This Address” feature to let Repository admins know that the base is not showing up.

Old Addresses

Please note that it is not uncommon for players to tear down a base and relocate while forgetting to update their post on the Repository. Although we make every effort to keep posts up-to-date it is possible that base information will be outdated.

Players are strongly encouraged to update their post whenever they move bases, however we can’t guarantee everyone will cooperate. We therefore rely heavily on feedback from the community at large to report whenever address information is found to be incorrect. Please use the “Report/ Update This Address” feature if you come across outdated portal information.