Version 3.6 Frontiers

The latest No Man’s Sky update has finally arrived and is called Frontiers!

You can read the full patch notes from Hello Games here.

Among all the changes in this new release is a new game feature called “Planetary Settlements” which are NPC towns that players can manage and control. Currently it seems that players can only control one settlement at a time, and settlements are essentially treated like player bases (only one player can control a single settlement). For more information about Planetary Settlements keep an eye on this wiki page as the community starts exploring this new game feature!

The Portal Repository website has been updated to reflect the new version number and the new tag “Settlement” has been added as well. When you submit a portal address simply select the number of players that control settlements on that particular planet. The “Settlement” tag will be added automatically. The portal address metadata table will also display the number of player-controlled settlements.

Finally, a new quick link for Settlements has been added to the homepage. The quick link will take to you to “Settlement” tag archive page.

Version 3.5 Prisms Update

The Portal Repository has been updated to reflect the newly-released update, version 3.5 Prisms. Read the official patch notes here and watch the trailer below:

Update Version 3.3: Expeditions

The latest version of No Man’s Sky has been released today and is titled Expeditions. This release introduces a new seasonal game mode with exclusive limited-time rewards, miscellaneous rebalancing, performance optimizations and various bug fixes.

One major change in Expeditions is that the various platform-based discoveries databases has been unified. This means a named discovery on PS4 will now be the same on other platforms like Xbox and PC. If a discovery was previously-named on multiple platforms then the oldest discovery will take priority. This is a pretty substantial change that is likely to have repercussions for player civilizations that occupy the same regions on different platforms.

Another major change is that base uploads are now fully cross-platform compatible. Players can visit any other uploaded base, even if the base was uploaded on a different platform. Presumably base uploads are still restricted by game mode, so bases built and uploaded in Creative mode still won’t be visible to players in Normal mode, for example.

You can view the Top Ten portal addresses page to find some of the most popular portal addresses among the community submitted during the various 3.x Origins versions. Addresses published in previous versions of version 3.x Origins (Halloween, Next Generation and Companions) will have a warning notification banner appended to inform players that the discovery names and player bases might be different.

The new game mode “Expedition” has been added to the portal address submission form. Likewise, the new version tag has been created and will be automatically applied to new portal addresses submitted from today onward. Now that it doesn’t matter what platform players are using I will create some new quick links on the site to quickly list all the bases in a certain galaxy by game mode (all bases in Euclid in Normal mode, for example). This should make searching and filtering for desired locations a bit easier.

Please leave a comment if you have any other suggestions for changes on The Portal Repository website.

NMSFM Radio Ad Contest

No Man’s Sky FM is an online radio station that features player-made ByteBeat songs. Like most radio stations, NMSFM includes “advertisements” between segments. Some of the ads are for legit community groups like the Amino Hub and YouTube channels, other ads are just funny fictional bits.

I am looking for someone to write up and/or record a radio ad for The Portal Repository. Feel free to use your imagination and be creative. The only requirements are that the ad include the name “The Portal Repository”, the URL “” and can be read in 30-60 seconds. Send your submissions to [email protected] Submissions are due by March 31st. Preference will be given to audio recordings, but text write-ups will also be considered.


In addition to having your ad aired on NMSFM you’ll also have the chance to win the following prizes:

3rd Place: Supporter status on The Portal Repository (name listed in the footer, addresses included on the Supporter Addresses page, ad-free experience while logged-in)

2nd Place: Partner status on The Portal Repository (name listed in the footer, addresses featured on the Homepage, ad-free experience while logged-in)

1st Place: Stakeholder status on The Portal Repository (name listed in the footer, addresses featured on the Homepage, ad-free experience while logged-in, and your choice of any TeeSpring merchandise!

Listen to NMSFM today: 

I’d also encourage anyone who enjoys NMSFM radio to make a donation to the broadcaster: Donate to NMSFM

Update 3.2: Companions

A new update has been released today for No Man’s Sky: Version 3.2 Companions!

This update introduces new gameplay involving creatures that can now be adopted as pets. Read the full release notes: here.

As usual, the Portal Repository has been updated for this new version. Starting today, newly-submitted portal addresses will now be marked with the tag “Version: 3.2 Companions”. Also, the Top Ten Addresses page has been modified to include addresses submitted in versions 3.1 and 3.2. A bug was discovered that prevented “Next Generation” addresses from being included in the Top Ten list.

The Portal Repository needs your support to stay online! This website is ran exclusively by me, HusbandVader. I personally pay all the costs associated with hosting, domain name registration and maintenance. This website is a passion project of mine since 2017 and I’m honored that thousands of NMS fans visit every day to find and share portal addresses with the community. If you enjoy using this site please consider supporting it for as little as $1/month on Patreon.

The Game Awards 2020 Live

Watch livestream: No Man’s Sky has been nominated for Best Ongoing Game and Best Community Support!

Update: No Man’s Sky wins Best Ongoing Game award!

Update 3.10: Next Generation

Following hot on the heels of the Halloween update, Hello Games have announced another update called Next Generation! This update is scheduled to be released on November 10th to correspond with the launch of the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Next Generation brings compatibility for new console players on the next generation of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Additionally, PC players with “Ultra” settings will also benefit from the improved visuals and graphical enhancements.

The full patch notes can be read here.

Here on The Portal Repository I’ve made some changes to support this latest update:

  • – Added new platform categories for PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles
    • – This is now selectable in the submission form for new portal addresses
    • – Sub-categories for galaxies 1-10 have been created for PS5 and Xbox Series X
    • – New platforms and sub-categories are added to top menu
  • – Added new version tag for “Next Generation”

If you think there are additional changes that should be made on The Portal Repository to support this latest version please leave a comment below.

Update 3.05: Halloween

A small update has been dropped by Hello Games just in time for Halloween! The title of the update is aptly named the “Halloween Update”.

The focus of the update is to expand the gameplay associated with the derelict freighters that were introduced in the Desolation update earlier this year.

You can read the full patch notes and release information here.

The Portal Repository has been updated to reflect this latest update. New addresses will now include the “Version: Halloween” tag and will be included in the Favorites page since no major procedural changes have occurred.

Reminder: If you find an interesting derelict freighter don’t forget to share the portal address to any planet in that system and include the tag “Derelict Freighter” so other players can check it out too! Each star system has a unique type of derelict freighter so players can share coordinates to interesting, and spooky, wrecks.

Happy Halloween Travellers!

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What some might not know is that I this built this website myself, pay for all the server hosting, domain name registration and on-going maintenance out of my own pocket. The Portal Repository is a passion project and I’m a one-man-band running everything behind-the-scenes. In early 2019 the site quickly outgrew the tiny server it was hosted on and I had to scale up to a more expensive server in order to keep up with the increased traffic. With the release of No Man’s Sky: Origins I am once again facing the need to scale up the hosting servers in order to accommodate the higher traffic.

In order to help cover the costs of hosting I made the difficult decision last year to begin serving ads on this website. This was a difficult decision because I personally hate internet ads. They’re annoying, intrusive and unsightly. But, they also pay the bills.

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New Biomes and Tags for Origins

Now that we’ve all had some time to play the new Origins update it has become apparent that some new biome categories and tags are needed to support some of the content that was recently introduced. Here are the new categories and tags that have been added:

  1. New Biomes:
    1. Marsh
    2. Volcanic
  2. New system tags:
    1. Binary Star Systems
    2. Ternary (trinary) Star Systems
  3. New planet tags:
    1. Cybernetic Lifeforms
    2. Sand Worms
    3. Colossal Archive Buildings
    4. Mountains

The Origins update introduced some significant changes to procedural generation. Although the primary biomes and terrain for existing planets were unchanged (lush biome planets are still considered lush and the terrain is still the same) all the flora and fauna have been regenerated. Additionally, some existing planets have new lighting effects and in some cases the portal has actually been relocated on existing worlds (but not in all cases). As a result, some tags like “All Creatures Discovered” have been rendered obsolete and some bases may be farther away from the portal now.

In the previous iterations of Atlas Rises and NEXT the proc-gen changes were so significant that it warranted a complete archive of the old addresses. In Origins, however, since primary biomes and bases remain unchanged I decided not to completely archive all the addresses from any of the Beyond iterations.

Instead, any address from one of the Beyond iterations just has a green advisory banner that informs players that the address was submitted before Origins and as a result some of the system and planetary characteristics may have changed.

I also modified the Top Ten Addresses page to only show addresses submitted during the Origins update. Make sure you smash that “Like” thumbs-up button to vote for addresses that you enjoy! If you’d like to view the Top Ten Beyond Addresses you can still do so at this archived page.

Last but not least, I changed the color scheme of the meta data table of the portal addresses to give this site a fresh look in the spirit of the new Origins update.

If there are any other tags, categories or changes you think I should make to The Portal Repository please leave a comment below.