Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 507265616368
Galactic Coordinates 0B67:00E4:0E15:0072
System Name Rossiiat (Easter 2020)
Celestial Bodies 4 Planets 1 Moon
Climate Temperate
Flora Abundant
Fauna Numerous
Sentinels None
Economy High Voltage // Sustainable
Discovered By HusbandVader
Base Description A small church that overlooks the crucifixion memorial in celebration of Resurrection Sunday!
Notes Happy Easter 2020!
Gamepedia Link Struggle of Being a Millennial Christian
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Update 2.3 – Living Ship

Today Sean Murray and Hello Games announced a new update, version 2.3 Living Ships! This update introduces new organic-based ship types, new space exploration experiences and a variety of smaller quality-of-life improvements.

You can read the full patch notes here.

Since this new update only introduces new content and does not seem to affect procedurally-generated planet/system characteristics there will be no need to archive previous version portal addresses from Beyond or Synthesis updates. New addresses published after today will be appended with the new “Game Version: Living Ships” tag.

The Melody of the Egg

It seems as if an impending update is just over the horizon as Sean Murray has recently started tweeting cryptically about eggs. This coincides with a new curiosity available to purchase at the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion called the Void Egg.

An anomalous egg. The shell is tough and leathery, and twitches when touched. A faint tapping can be heard within. From time to time, it appears to sing.

For those who would like to learn more about this mysterious item and the associated mission, USG has written up a nice guide, read it here.


Galaxy, Platform 07 Budullangr (PC), PC, Sobek Colonial Confederation
Mods No
Hex Address 408900F48930
Galactic Coordinates 012F:007F:0747:0089
System Name Naadilit {SCC Madison}
Celestial Bodies 3 Planets 2 Moons
Climate Bilious Storms
Flora Ample
Fauna Numerous
Sentinels Frequent
Economy None // Uncharted
Discovered By HusbandVader
Notes Go to -46.5, +23.4 to experience perpetual daylight
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Update 2.2 – Synthesis – Coming Thanksgiving 2019

Today, in a series of tweets, Sean Murray announced that the next big update for No Man’s Sky would be version 2.2 and is called Synthesis. This patch is set to go live on all platforms November 28th, Thanksgiving Day.

This update focuses on fixing a lot of smaller issues that have been hotly-requested by the community. Here are some portal-related improvements that will be coming with the Synthesis update:

1. The cost to activate Portal Glyphs has been reduced.

2. Fixed an issue where mission steps that involve going through a portal would fail to display any text.

3. Fixed an issue that prevented players from finding story-critical portals if they left the portal while it was in its active state.

4. Allowed players to permanently accumulate teleport destinations outside of their home (ie furthest progress) galaxy. Teleport destinations are no longer removed when leaving other galaxies.

I’m glad to see that the cost to activate Portal Glyphs has been reduced as the high price was a barrier-to-entry for some new players. Number 4 is also very exciting because now you don’t have to build a base in an old galaxy in order to return to it later. This means that if you find a unique system in Euclid for example that sells a particular commodity, after you progress to the next galaxy you can still teleport back to that space station in Euclid to buy/sell.

With regards to The Portal Repository, since there won’t be any substantial changes to procedural generation in the update I will not be archiving all the Beyond addresses. However, addresses submitted on/after November 28th will be given a new version tag for “Synthesis”.

This Thanksgiving, No Man’s Sky players have a lot to be thankful for! Thank you Sean Murray!

View the full patch notes.

Giyannia Gamma {Capital}

Galaxy, Platform 07 Budullangr (PC), PC, Sobek Colonial Confederation
Mods No
Hex Address 30B300F48930
Galactic Coordinates 012F:007F:0747:00B3
System Name Abullist {SCC Capital}
Celestial Bodies 2 Planets 2 Moons
Climate Extreme Low Pressure
Flora Ample
Fauna Ordinary
Sentinels Isolated
Economy -- None // Uncharted --
Discovered By HusbandVader
Base Description The new capital of the Sobek Colonial Confederation is now open for business! The Friedrich Hayek City is the economic powerhouse of the SCC and the new seat of the government's Executive branch. Hayek City includes the headquarters of the Institute of Sobek Standards, a statis device farm, high-tech science labs, business offices, educational centers and the SCC Galactic Trade Center.
Notes An additional player has joined the SCC and has a base within walking distance of Hayek City.
Gamepedia Link Sobek Colonial Confederation
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Oclevu Sodeg

Galaxy, Platform 07 Budullangr (PC), PC, Sobek Colonial Confederation
Mods No
Hex Address 505300F48930
Galactic Coordinates 012F:007F:0747:0053
System Name Aaukaina XIII {SCC}
Celestial Bodies 4 Planets 2 Moons
Climate Lethal Humidity Outbreaks
Flora Bountiful
Fauna Common
Sentinels Attentive
Economy Nano-construction // Flourishing
Discovered By HusbandVader
Notes Just a beautiful tranquil moon that I want to come back to visit some day.
Gamepedia Link Sobek Colonial Confederation
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Seeking Web Design Volunteer

The Portal Repository has grown organically since 2017 and has undergone several minor design changes, but now I am seeking a volunteer to help with a complete web design overhaul.

Any potential candidate should be very familiar with WordPress and modern web design practices. Knowledge of PHP, Javascript, Jquery also would be required. Time commitment can be flexible to accommodate your schedule, but I would ask that you can devote at least several hours per week to this project.

Like this website itself, the Web Designer role would be a purely voluntary position for a No Man’s Sky fan who wants to build a tool used to help thousands of fellow Travellers every day.

Interested in joining The Portal Repository as a Web Designer? Send an email to [email protected] describing your background in web design and a little blurb about why you want to volunteer for The Portal Repository.


Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), PC, Sobek Colonial Confederation
Mods No
Hex Address 4056082FE613
Galactic Coordinates 0E12:0087:0AFD:0056
System Name Rugiang VIII {SCC}
Celestial Bodies 6 Planets
Climate Sweltering Damp
Flora High
Fauna Intermittent
Sentinels Observant
Economy Prospecting // Opulent
Discovered By HusbandVader
Base Description My starting base, but will be expanded to be the Euclid/Normal capital of the Sobek Colonial Confederation.
Notes No storms that I can tell.
Gamepedia Link Sobek Colonial Confederation
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Maintenance Notice August 13th

Please note that the last day to submit portal addresses for NEXT is August 13th 1200Z. After this time The Portal Repository will go into maintenance mode in order to archive all NEXT addresses and prepare for the Beyond update.

The maintenance window could take up to 24 hours. I will make a great effort to restore the site in time for the Beyond release on August 14th. Depending on the exact new features introduced by Beyond I can’t rule out the possibility of brief maintenance down-times on the days following the release.

During the maintenance mode the portal submission form will be disabled but I will do my best to keep the rest of the site available so users can still browse the existing addresses. However, due to some intensive background processes happening during the maintenance mode the site may occasionally be slow or unresponsive.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!