{TOG}quest-001 {Enter the TOG}

Get the last 14 portal glyphs quickly on PS4, all from this single planet!

After getting the first 2 glyphs dial this planet and follow the directions written in the comm stations to locate 14 other Traveller graves around this portal.

It is recommended to build a Nomad for quickest completion. Visit TOG’s Wiki Page.

This quest is only officially supported on the PS4 platform, not PC.


If too many discoveries are uploaded it will eventually overload the memory buffer for the planet, causing a reset which erases all the comm stations. To prevent this from happening again please do not upload any discoveries while on this planet. Thanks!

Discovered Bypjranha
NotesQuest #1 for the Top of the Galaxy Hub. Allows players to quickly discover the last 14 glyphs to fully unlock unlimited portal use in all of the game modes. Do not drop any comm stations and do not upload any discoveries on this planet, please respect the path!
Hexadecimal Address001110100001
System Name[TOG]quest-001 {Enter the TOG}
Galactic Coordinates0800:008F:08FF:0011

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  1. Please note: there appears to have been a memory overflow that affected this particular planet due to too many discoveries being uploaded which caused all comm stations to be deleted. TOG has fixed the problem for now but requests that people stop uploading discoveries on this planet. You can follow their discussion on the TOG Amino app: https://aminoapps.com/c/topofthegalaxy/page/blog/a-memory-overflow-deleted-all-comms-on-glyph-planet/YrV5_eotbu1Eq4gQo8NpbXYkEDBddZdBB0

    1. Hmmm it’s possible one got missed after the recent memory overflow error on that planet. It erased all their comm stations and they had to put it all back together. I’d recommend getting in touch with Pjranha either on Twitter or the TOG Amino app to let him know.

  2. Besides for the first two comm stations by the portal i only see the first 5 Comms/Glyphs. So i only see a total of 7 Comm Stations on the planet. Is it just me is anyone else having this issue? Or did something else happen again, like another memory overflow perhaps?

    1. I just logged on PS4 and went to this planet to check on this, however I can see all the comm stations on the map. Are you there on PS4 or PC? If you haven’t done so already I would try traveling to a different planet (any planet) via portal, then return and try to dial the TOG quest once again, see if that fixes the problem. Otherwise I’ll let the folks over at TOG know that some users are having issues viewing all the comm stations.

      1. Apologizes for the tad bit of a late replay, I did not mean for it to be this long. Also Thanks for your useful response. I’m a PC player, And i did what you said. I went to another planet via portal then left out of there, then went back to [TOG]quest-001, I don’t know if i was supposed to restart the game in between of doing so i did not. Sadly i still was not able to see all the Comms/Glyphs. Only could see a total of 7 Comm Stations on the hole planet. Assuming that the front of the portal faces North an by looking at the map, I’m only am able to see Comms 3,6,7,8,9 something like that. I’m currently saved on the TOG planet as of typing this. I do not have another PC to test it out on and i highly doubt that it’s my internet connection causing this. HusbandVader if your able to see it on PS4, Then the only thing i can assume is something happened to the quest planet for just the PC sever. Though i don’t know enough about it all to have an answer that’s just my best guess on a short.

        I don’t use Twitter or the Amino App, So i’ll just leave it with you to report it to those kind Folks from the TOG hopefully they will be able to sort it out.

        Warm Regards!

        1. Hi D3adlyStar, thanks for the clarification. Since you’re on PC that explains why this is happening. Currently to the best of my knowledge TOG only officially supports this quest on the PS4 platform, not PC. Although the procedural generation is the same between PC and PS4, player discoveries, bases and comm stations are not shared between the PC and PS4 platforms. This means that comm stations dropped on this planet on PS4 are not visible to players on PC.

          I believe some people are trying to set up comm stations on this planet on PC so that it is available to both but since it requires at least 14 unique people to coordinate the discoveries needless to say it isn’t easy. The 7 comm stations you see on PC are probably the beginnings of this quest being made available on PC.

          One of the reasons I think it was made available on PS4 first is that unlike PC players who have access to mods (like https://nomansskymods.com/mods/portal-and-runes-cheat-bundle/) PS4 players had no easy way to learn all the portal glyphs without a substantial grind.

          I hope this helps clear things up. I’ll check back when I can on PC to see if any progress is made. Unfortunately I have issues with disappearing comm stations on my PC games so I can’t help build the path myself 🙁

          1. I appreciate your info.
            This quest is an amazing project, an even with out it i would be happy just finding the Glyphs normally. When i first found out about this back in February i was perplexed to see though i was not going to do it, but over time i thought about going for it. This is a fun little community made quest! Fourteen Glyphs or Five Glyphs or none, Ether way i’m happy.

            It makes scene that it’s more widely supported for PS4 over PC cause the majority of all players are on PS4. If the TOG don’t have enough individuals on PC to coordinate the Rest, I would be willing to coordinate one if needed could give me something to do for a little MAYBIE

  3. Thanks a lot for this, managed to get all Glyphs.
    Just had a slight problem when first stepping through the Portal, basically I could see no Nav Points.
    After logging off and playing on another day, the nav points were back and I could follow them.
    Finished today on the 29/04/2018

    1. Hey Daniel, glad to hear you were able to able to see the comm stations when you logged back in. It’s possible that your online connection was briefly interrupted which would have prevented you temporarily from seeing any comm stations. I occasionally notice it says that I’ve lost connection to online services, sometimes it’s my local internet other times it might be a network issue on their end. Either way it’s usually only a temporary issue.

    1. Correct, this address is filed exclusively under Euclid galaxy category. I don’t think the grave locations are available in any other galaxy due to the difference in the procedural seed. The comm stations placed by the TOG group are visible to all game modes on PS4. I believe there are some comm stations placed on the PC version, however I don’t believe the PC version is complete yet. Either way, this TOG quest is strictly in Euclid.

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