Tyrs Farm

Discovered Bysystem discovered by yum_bacon, planet discovered by TYR-HYMIRSSON
NotesAlbumen Pearls and Gamma roots found here. Planets in nearby systems have plants that yield carbon and gases.
Hexadecimal Address20E5FCFFFFF9
System NameImurotom-lle
Galactic Coordinates07F8:007B:07FE:00E5
ClimateExtreme Thermonuclear Fog

2 Replies to “Tyrs Farm”

  1. Hey TYR-HYMIRSSON, thanks for submitting your farm to The Portal Repository! Quick question, about how far is your base from the portal and what kinds of crops do you grow there? Is the farm designed to produce a certain product?

  2. Hi there Tyr, Very nice base! i got a load of stuff to build bio domes for my base, I did see you there but not sure if you could see or hear me? but anyway thanks alot and come and visit me when I get up and running.

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