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First of all I want to thank you for visiting The Portal Repository. This site is focused on collecting and organizing portal addresses from every galaxy in No Man’s Sky. When I started this website in late 2017 it was just a way for me to keep track of only my own portal adventures. However as the site grew, other players started to ask if they could add their addresses. Today, The Portal Repository features not just my own content but also content submitted by other players throughout the community and it continues to grow every day!

I was so excited when No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises introduced functioning portals and right away I started studying how they worked. However,  although I loved the new portal system it bothered me that I couldn’t view a list of portal addresses in-game. The make-shift solution people came up with was to just post screenshots of their portal addresses online on the massive mega-threads on Reddit and the ETARC forums. This method of portal sharing was a quick-and-dirty solution and it was far from ideal.

When someone sees a portal address posted online one of the biggest problems is determining which game platform it is on (PC or PS4). Although the galaxy seeds are the same between both platforms (same planet climates, flora fauna, etc) player discoveries, comm stations and bases are not shared between platforms. That meant that if someone posted a picture of their base they would have to remember to specify not only which platform they were on, but also which galaxy and which game mode (Normal, Creative, Survival, etc).

Unfortunately, although some people provide all the necessary details, many people do not. What the community needed was some sort of portal sharing standardization. We needed a place where portal addresses always included at least the platform, galaxy and game mode. Furthermore, we also needed a system to organize, filter and search for what we were looking for. The answer: WordPress.

WordPress has been around for years and is probably best known for blogging. But WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform, it’s a complete Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is a database system that makes it easy to categorize, sort, filter, keyword tag and display vast amounts of information. When it comes to portal sharing, this is exactly what players of No Man’s Sky needed!

On The Portal Repository we quality-check all the submitted addresses to ensure they contain all the basic information. Ultimately this site’s purpose is to provide No Man’s Sky players with a way to easily find the places, planets, bases, resources and sights that they are looking for. The Portal Repository also offers players a convenient way to share their discoveries with the community.

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