New Biomes and Tags for Origins

Now that we’ve all had some time to play the new Origins update it has become apparent that some new biome categories and tags are needed to support some of the content that was recently introduced. Here are the new categories and tags that have been added:

  1. New Biomes:
    1. Marsh
    2. Volcanic
  2. New system tags:
    1. Binary Star Systems
    2. Ternary (trinary) Star Systems
  3. New planet tags:
    1. Cybernetic Lifeforms
    2. Sand Worms
    3. Colossal Archive Buildings
    4. Mountains

The Origins update introduced some significant changes to procedural generation. Although the primary biomes and terrain for existing planets were unchanged (lush biome planets are still considered lush and the terrain is still the same) all the flora and fauna have been regenerated. Additionally, some existing planets have new lighting effects and in some cases the portal has actually been relocated on existing worlds (but not in all cases). As a result, some tags like “All Creatures Discovered” have been rendered obsolete and some bases may be farther away from the portal now.

In the previous iterations of Atlas Rises and NEXT the proc-gen changes were so significant that it warranted a complete archive of the old addresses. In Origins, however, since primary biomes and bases remain unchanged I decided not to completely archive all the addresses from any of the Beyond iterations.

Instead, any address from one of the Beyond iterations just has a green advisory banner that informs players that the address was submitted before Origins and as a result some of the system and planetary characteristics may have changed.

I also modified the Top Ten Addresses page to only show addresses submitted during the Origins update. Make sure you smash that “Like” thumbs-up button to vote for addresses that you enjoy! If you’d like to view the Top Ten Beyond Addresses you can still do so at this archived page.

Last but not least, I changed the color scheme of the meta data table of the portal addresses to give this site a fresh look in the spirit of the new Origins update.

If there are any other tags, categories or changes you think I should make to The Portal Repository please leave a comment below.