Siopeka Beta

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), Alliance of Galactic Travellers, PS4
Hex Address 602CF3545C3E
System Name AGT Tyche
Celestial Bodies 5 Planets 1 Moon
Climate Blistering Damp
Flora Generous
Fauna Full
Sentinels Attentive
Economy Industrial / Developing
Discovered By Khazid_Blade
Base Description Referm Memorial National Park and PreserveLocated on planet Siopeka Beta, AGT Tyche System,Yihelli Region, Gamma Quadrant, Euclid Galaxy. When a Traveller named Referm discovered this unique monolith he left a signal booster to attractive other Travellers to visit this interesting site. In addition to the monolith a ancient cave temple was found which origins remain unknown. Eons later a park and nature preserve was established and several monuments were erected. Being a popular destination site lodgings were built to accommodate visitors. Come marvel at the mysterious monolith. Explore the cave temple complex with its galaxies pathway, underground forest and aquarium, Travellers Hall (be cautious of booby traps) Prism Lightfall, the Calishrooms Room and the Heart of the Planet. Visit the many monuments on site: The Sliced Pyramid, Sundial, Ghost Circle of Travellers, Dissolving Tower, Diplo Lane, Arc de Prism and the Diplo Rotunda. For visitors wishing to stay overnight, book a room at the Referm Treehouse. Discover the interesting flora and fauna. It is believed that Referm was a fan of the band Phish for he left behind 5 message modules with lyrics from the rock band Phish’s song Dirt. We hope you enjoy your visit.
Notes Please allow time for base to render in. Also if base icon (mr_phishead) doesn’t appear when making the first portal jump, try to go back and try again. Please leave communications stations at the portal (feel free to tell us where you are from). Due to base complexity please allow time for rendering of interactive items when using the short range teleporters. Touring the base in first person mode is suggested.
Gamepedia Link Alliance of Galactic Travellers
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