New Renuscu

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (Xbox), Xbox
Hex Address 615BF8AB6446
System Name Iddeling
Celestial Bodies 4 Planets 2 Moons
Climate Frequent boiling rainstorms.
Flora Bountiful
Fauna Average
Sentinels Intermittent
Economy Experimental // Satisfactory
Discovered By Podocop1962
Base Description Activated Indium Farm with Five Biodomes
Notes Activated Indium Farm on planet just a short flight from the portal. It produces 18885 units per hour with an overall storage of 495750. There are also five biodomes containing Gravitino Balls, Frost Glass and Gek Nip. It is best to land at one of the four landing pads connected to the rectangular building.
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Anthon Minor

Galaxy, Platform 10 Eissentam (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 31A8099DA2BE
System Name Ilynithi XVI
Celestial Bodies 5 Planets
Climate Torrential Heat
Flora High
Fauna Abundant
Sentinels Limited
Economy Ore Extraction // Flourishing
Discovered By Reginald_Assclap
Notes Amazing Jungle planet. Head up to the Space Station for a blue S-Class exotic, wait for like 20 minutes. If it doesn't show up reload your save.
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Faye U5

Galaxy, Platform 07 Budullangr (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 1047FDF69987
Galactic Coordinates 0186:007C:0768:0047
System Name Pushuch-Rese IV
Celestial Bodies 4 Planets 1 Moon
Climate Acidic dust pockets
Flora Generous
Fauna Moderate
Sentinels Limited
Economy Alchemical // Unpromising
Discovered By Nightstalker
Base Description Small, but well hidden. Look for the landing pad. The door off it has the trade terminal. It's not that far, but it might needs some travel time. Planetary coordinates are approximately +2.9, -164.2Also has oxygen and copper in the silos outside.
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Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 41BAFC5C13C4
System Name Ponsforn
Celestial Bodies 3 Planets 2 Moons
Climate Refreshing Breeze
Flora High
Fauna Typical
Sentinels Limited
Economy Power Generation // Prosperous
Discovered By Reginald_Assclap
Base Description Not Much of a base, just a crap shack with a tele and save beacon. Plus a landing pad.
Notes Very pretty moon. The system is prosperous but I don't remember if it had Ionized Cobalt up at the station. Go ahead and build if you want.
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Galaxy, Platform 10 Eissentam (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 203104E399D0
System Name Unknown
Climate temperate
Discovered By Jaxonz
Notes sorry I don't recall all the details.nice multitool in otherwise undiscovered system
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Wubigg III

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 11110797FDC8
System Name Vekopask
Celestial Bodies 3 Planets 1 Moon
Climate Super heated Rain
Flora Rich
Fauna Regular
Sentinels High
Economy Wealthy Manufacturing
Discovered By Dragon
Notes Space station spawns Exotic S class every reload.
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Erica 34/L6

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), Galactic Hub, PC
Mods No
Hex Address 306AFA556C30
System Name [HUB10-6A] Icarus Sun
Celestial Bodies 6 Planets
Climate Mild Rain
Flora High
Fauna Fair
Sentinels Spread Thin
Economy Medium Supply
Discovered By rwhitby
Notes Part of the galactic hub project. Large island base at +10.93 +90.68
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Miniusa Beta

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 4042FA6ACE1B
System Name Ruksvil-Egra VII
Climate Icy Nights
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PvP Arena Pinkeye

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), Alliance of Galactic Travelers, PC
Mods No
Hex Address 2043056DF0DA
System Name Subductio
Celestial Bodies 2 Planets 1 Moon
Climate Unending Sunlight, Occasional Hot Bursts
Flora Full
Fauna Moderate
Sentinels Frequent
Economy Minerals // Developing
Discovered By BlackFire4775
Base Description Red Vs Blue Arena - Gamemodes in setting are,,, FFA,,, RvB,,, 2v2,,, Defend and Destroy,,, Each group will go to their given base/area - Each player will press on the save beacon (these are spawnpints) Once saved, start attacking after agreeing on start.
Notes PvP Arena - Located on Planted Pinkeye - Arena set in Red VS Blue Atmosphere/Layout - - - Numourous Spawn/Savepoints Scattered! - Vehicles across arena(play fair) - Teleportation to various locations/buildings - Lots of Cover to hide! - Tons of sweet jumps! (watch you don't get squished) Scattered Loot Crates/Boxes across Arena - Scattered Buildings - Giant Rock Arch To fight on! Come join the fun! ___ Gamemodes::: Elimination,,, Defend The Chief (each corner has working Doors for Chiefs To Camp(choose your leader, most deactivate doors and persue cheif/eliminate)) (WORK IN PROGRESS),,, Free For All,,, Teams of 2 Or 4,,, --- RULES::: EACH PLAYER IS TO FIGHT WITH AN EMPTY INVENTORY, No one is responsible for lost items! -- You're welcome to build a base on the other planet if you want. Please Bring your friends, Grow the community as big as you can!
Gamepedia Link Click Here To Visit URL
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Yossaela XIV

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (Xbox), Xbox
Hex Address 301A03D8C973
System Name Ariinsky
Climate Poison Rain
Flora Copious
Fauna Ample
Sentinels High Sentinel Activity
Discovered By Spartaximus
Base Description (VERY early work in progress)Earth is no more.During the coming apocalypse, the US government decided to throw caution to the wind, and reveal the existence of the Stargate Program, a division of the US Air Force which had operated from below NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, and then from within the Pentagon.This emergency evacuation site was set up by the US Air Force as a temporary base of operations, when a network of Stargates were discovered in the Euclid Galaxy by Dr Daniel Jackson.
Notes Like I said, very early work in progress. Bare minimum at the moment. :)
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