Update 2.2 – Synthesis – Coming Thanksgiving 2019

Today, in a series of tweets, Sean Murray announced that the next big update for No Man’s Sky would be version 2.2 and is called Synthesis. This patch is set to go live on all platforms November 28th, Thanksgiving Day.

This update focuses on fixing a lot of smaller issues that have been hotly-requested by the community. Here are some portal-related improvements that will be coming with the Synthesis update:

1. The cost to activate Portal Glyphs has been reduced.

2. Fixed an issue where mission steps that involve going through a portal would fail to display any text.

3. Fixed an issue that prevented players from finding story-critical portals if they left the portal while it was in its active state.

4. Allowed players to permanently accumulate teleport destinations outside of their home (ie furthest progress) galaxy. Teleport destinations are no longer removed when leaving other galaxies.

I’m glad to see that the cost to activate Portal Glyphs has been reduced as the high price was a barrier-to-entry for some new players. Number 4 is also very exciting because now you don’t have to build a base in an old galaxy in order to return to it later. This means that if you find a unique system in Euclid for example that sells a particular commodity, after you progress to the next galaxy you can still teleport back to that space station in Euclid to buy/sell.

With regards to The Portal Repository, since there won’t be any substantial changes to procedural generation in the update I will not be archiving all the Beyond addresses. However, addresses submitted on/after November 28th will be given a new version tag for “Synthesis”.

This Thanksgiving, No Man’s Sky players have a lot to be thankful for! Thank you Sean Murray!

View the full patch notes.