Base Visibility Bug

Please note that in the current version of No Man’s Sky there is a known bug that prevents shared bases from downloading while exploring. This means that if you dial a portal address for a planet where you expect to see someone’s base there is a good chance that it won’t show up.

You can read the full patch notes here. The relevant excerpt is below.

1.59 Patch Notes

I will post another update after the next patch is released with regards to this base visibility bug. In the meantime please don’t report addresses for missing bases as such reports will be ignored.

October 14th Update:

Based on the latest information it seems that this bug has been fixed. If you still encounter missing bases please leave a comment on the associated portal address so that A) Other players are made aware of the potential visibility issue and B) so that the person that posted the address will be notified that people couldn’t see their base. Do not report missing bases using the “Report/Update Address” feature, such reports will be ignored.