New Supporter Benefit: Instant Publishing & Badges

I’d like to thank all of my current supporters for your generous contribution to The Portal Repository on Patreon, PayPal and TeeSpring. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve the way addresses are published in order to maximize automation and reduce the amount of manual edits needed before an address can be published.

I’m happy to announce that I’m ready to beta-test “instant publishing” exclusively to my supporters!

In order to take advantage of this new benefit you must:

1. Be a Patreon supporter, PayPal donor or Teespring buyer. 

2. Be a registered user on 

3. Email me ([email protected]) with your username so I can add you to the “Supporter” roles

4. Be logged-in when you submit the New Portal Address form

If you’ve met these four requirements then your address will skip the manual review and get instantly published. All the necessary categories and keyword tags will be automatically set when your address is published. Also, if you make a mistake or want to change anything you can go right to the Dashboard and edit your post.

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