Base Visiting Disclosure

Travellers, before visiting other players’ bases please review the following:

Claiming Bases:

Never claim a base on the same planet or system as another player. Doing so will override the original player’s base and others will no longer be able to see it. Base overriding is considered one of the most egregious actions in No Man’s Sky, so DON’T DO IT!

Missing Bases:

If you go to an address where you are expecting to see a player base but it’s not showing up please note that in recent weeks the Hello Games online servers have been having connectivity issues that affect comm stations and shared bases. If you can’t see a base try going back and forth through the portal a second time and make sure your “online services” is connected. You can also try logging off and then back on to try to force the base to spawn.

If you still don’t see the base please use the “Report/ Update This Address” feature to let Repository admins know that the base is not showing up.

Old Addresses

Please note that it is not uncommon for players to tear down a base and relocate while forgetting to update their post on the Repository. Although we make every effort to keep posts up-to-date it is possible that base information will be outdated.

Players are strongly encouraged to update their post whenever they move bases, however we can’t guarantee everyone will cooperate. We therefore rely heavily on feedback from the community at large to report whenever address information is found to be incorrect. Please use the “Report/ Update This Address” feature if you come across outdated portal information.