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NEXT: Coming July 24th

Sean Murray recently confirmed that No Man’s Sky: NEXT would be simultaneously launched for PC, PS4 and Xbox on July 24th (July 27th outside the US, at least for Xbox, not sure about PC & PS4). This means that we finally have a confirmed date for the update!

As mentioned in previous posts here on The Portal Repository, it is more than likely that the update will cause a procedural reset of the current No Man’s Sky universe. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose your gameplay progress, rather that the procedural seed that generates terrain, biomes, creatures, plants, etc will change. Lush worlds may become toxic and vice verse.

As a result of any procedural reset, the addresses in this database will no longer be accurate. My plan at this point is to move all the Atlas Rises addresses into a subdomain archive and then wipe the main site database to start fresh with new content after NEXT launches.

Since no one really knows exactly what NEXT may bring I will probably need to make some significant changes to this website in the days following the launch. I will post updates here and on Twitter, so stay tuned!

No Man’s Sky NEXT – Multiplayer and Release Date

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Category: 07 Budullangr (PC), PC

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Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in No Man’s Sky

General Etiquette:

1. Every interaction should be done with respect.

2. Refrain from cursing and using foul language.

While Streaming, Recording & Proximity Voice Chatting:

3. Do not make lewd gestures, or references.

4. Avoid shouting or making loud noises.

5. Mute your microphone if you cough, sneeze, sniffle or blow your nose.

6. Don’t interrupt others while they are talking.

7. Remain fully-clothed if you are visible on camera.

8. While streaming pay attention to live chat and respond in a timely manner.

9. Refrain from eating/drinking on camera or without first muting your microphone.

While Exploring:

10. NEVER claim a base in a system where another Traveller has already claimed a base. 

11. If you encounter another Traveller who doesn’t have a microphone do not harass them to join voice chat with you.

12. Do not upload planet or system discoveries in another Traveller’s home base system.

13. Upload no more than 3 flora, fauna or waypoint discoveries on another Traveller’s home base planet.

14. While exploring hub regions respect the local civilization’s conventions for uploading and naming discoveries.

15. Place any communication stations at a respectful distance from another Traveller’s base.

16. Build a communication station, exocraft bay or waypoint beacon within your base perimeter so others can easily find your base.

17. Do not share another Traveller’s base location coordinates without their express permission unless said Traveller already published that information publicly.

18. Refrain from asking personal information of other Travellers such as where they live, their real name, profession, politics, etc.

19. Do not build a Monument on another Traveller’s home planet/system without the permission of that Traveller.

20. When randomly encountering another Traveller, the Traveller who arrived later has the responsibility to leave the system unless explicitly invited to stay by the Traveller that arrived earlier (unless the system is previously-discovered or claimed by the later-arriving Traveller).


Got other tips for No Man’s Sky etiquette? Leave a comment below!

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Category: 01 Euclid (PS4), Convergence Cluster, PS4

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Category: 01 Euclid (PS4), Convergence Cluster, PS4

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Category: 01 Euclid (PS4), Convergence Cluster, PS4

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