Deucifer XIV


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01 Euclid (Nintendo Switch), Nintendo Switch

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6 Planets


Boiling Puddles








Material Fusion // Wealthy

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Base Description

Come visit the Gracia Community Center! This humble place in the Gracia system built for for residents and visitors alike to visit is a newly built hub to hang out with others in this humble galactic neighborhood. Built by Hudson! on Nintendo Switch, this Community Center contains:
-A plethora of crops in an upstairs greenhouse
-A view of the planets in the System (Which are the aforementioned Deucifer XIV, as well as Rician, Lahoma, Mita 99/Z1, Oomor 40/FS, and Axbar Gamma)
-A refinery room along with a couple of trade terminals
-The "Gracious Midnights" Bar and Grill
-A comfortable lounge and TV set to hang out with friends in
-A relaxing balcony accessible via short-range teleporter
-A ByteBeat device with colorful lights lining the wall
-A galactic terminal in the middle of the main room
The community center is open from morning to evening, as the lights will cut out after then.
Once you land at the base, make your way around the exterior to the entrance, passing by a small tent that's great for cookouts!
We hope to see you there!


Not a short fly away is the intergalactic Portal for the system, which can be found near another base on the planet, along with three other bases, making for a total of twenty-two bases within the whole system!

On planet Deucifer XIV, you can find sources of Salt, Paraffinium, Star Bulb, and Activated Indium, and it has seven different types of fauna roaming about. The Gracia system is inhabited by the Korvax, has a level three conflict level, and has a wealthy material-fusion economy.

This star system is widely known as a great place to farm for Stellar Ice, so you will see many bases built by players seeking it, most likely from a YouTube video by Jason Plays.

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