Olbiang XI

This Address Was Last Updated During The Prisms Iteration. The weather, biome, flora and/or fauna may have changed.

Galaxy, Platform

01 Euclid (PC), PC

Hex Address


System Name


Celestial Bodies

6 Planets


Lethal Humidity Outbreaks






Low Security


Prospecting // High Supply

Discovered By

I don't know, just passing thru


It's a long Othello, but mesa Jar Jar-zzktz, was swimming the pond to the portal to see how deep the ocean was ~ 114.5, after being disappointed finding an S-Class Paraffinum deposit; I turned and found a submerged wreak. -9.64, -136.02 sunken Triumph of the Sun
Well that led to a conundrum cause I have 6 ships. The recently acquired Eissentam Exotic // S 20+6 "Asebor's Hand". So I used my terrain manipulator and created a platform to land my expendables on (middle of oceanic nowhere). Turns out the Exotic can't stick the landing, but it's sooo important to just "PARK IT!!" If you squint real hard you can see I parked 3 ships on the landing where the exotic can't land..
Long Othello, back to the space station to scrap the exotic and there was an S-Class Explorer "The Song of Dreams".... well -zzktz- 3 hours later. Super Stats with the plethora of A-class Mods and Storage Units scrapped from the sweet A-Class Explores with really cool looks.
Enjoy.. btw. buy a junker before -zkkzttin the galaxy jump.

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