Ancient Tombs of Veles

This address was last updated during the Next Generation iteration. Some named discoveries and player bases may have changed.

Galaxy, Platform

Other (Specify in notes section), Xbox

Hex Address


System Name

Slavia XXIV V

Celestial Bodies

5 Planets 1 Moon


Dust-Choked Winds






None Present


Manufacturing // Struggling

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Ancient Tombs of Veles is in the 24th galaxy 5800 light years from galactic center. The dust-choked winds of this bleak moon lie within the Slavia XXIV V system. What appears to be large head stones in a barren landscape are in fact guarded by a number of predator species. While I was exploring one of these landmarks, unknown at the time, there was another ship on the opposite side. I entered the caverns of the tomb weapon drawn for conflict. My concern was of being hunted by another traveler, but it was the giant guardian animals that travel this world the true concern. They always draw near. Their claws can cut a traveler in half for the transgression of being upon their world. I never found the other explorer. Was he an opportunist, a thief, a pirate or archeologist? I suspect he already met a horrific demise. I use the rocks for protective cover when these great beasts draw near. The rocks slow them down just enough to use the mining beam. They seem drawn to the ancient tombs and to those who approach the sacred places to seek unearned wealth. I shall not return to this place if I am able to reach my ship. This is a land of death where life attracts animosity from the clawed monsters who dwell here.

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