Rawtenha Ishi

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 403B08B60B10
System Name Urgunp-liya VI
Celestial Bodies 5 Planets
Climate Boiling Monsoons
Flora Full
Fauna Rich
Sentinels Missing
Economy Commercial // Sustainable
Discovered By Avalanche1500
Base Description 2 lush planets, one with blue grass and blue water and another with green grass and red water. A toxic planet and a hot planet also, and one lifeless planet. Rawtenha Ishi is the blue grass and blue water planet, and it has all sorts of strange fauna. There are land Krakens, living gillyweed creatures, underwater antelope/dino hybrid critters, little ghost-like diggers, and much more. Come check it out today!
Notes It’s a Vy’keen system with low combat. Leave comms stations by the portals, as this is my sister’s main system.
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