Zemeimovno-Tryumm Yimsl

Discovered BySoLCha77 (PS4), davidpp (PC)
NotesVy'keen, Conflict Aggressive, Frost Crystal, Gold, Nickel, Heridium, Gravition Balls, Raxon, There is an uninhabited planet base 4.30 minutes away from portal, Extreme Sentinel Planet
Hexadecimal Address012012012012
System NameIsholm-Nezadg (Discovered by Arcmil256 on PS4, ManiacX666 on PC)
Galactic Coordinates0811:0091:0811:0120
ClimateRoaring Ice Storms ( Extreme )
FaunaModerate ( 7 Species )
EconomyOre Processing / Adequate

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  1. *Note from Admin: I’m checking with the player who contributed this address to see if the base near the portal is inhabited, and if so, if it’s inhabited on both PC and PS4.

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