Contributors to The Portal Repository will be asked to follow these guidelines to ensure we maintain a high quality database of portal addresses.

**Note: If you registered but did not receive an email confirming your registration please check your spam/junk folder.**

To submit a new portal address registered users can login by clicking the “Login” link in the menu, or click here.

After logging in go to the Dashboard and select “Add New” under the “Posts” link on the left-hand sidebar.

The first thing you need to do is to select either PC or PS4 and the respective galaxy on the right-hand side in the “Categories” box. Selecting the PC or PS4 category unlocks the other meta fields underneath the main text area, such as the system name, hexadecimal  address, climate, flora, fauna, etc.

Enter all the relevant details for your new submission.

Additionally, each submission must minimally include tags for the game mode (Creative, Normal, Survival, Permadeath) the Glyph Group (one through sixteen) and the Biome type. Feel free to add any other descriptive tags as you see fit.

Fill out all the other meta data, required fields are marked with a red star *.

All new users will need to download the 16 glyph images and upload them to the Media Library before making the first post. You only need to upload them once and they’ll be available in your Media Library for future use.

Download All The Glyphs
Download All The Glyphs

When adding portal glyph images click “Add Media”, select the first glyph in your portal sequence. Then click “Insert into post”. This needs to be done one at a time for each glyph. If the glyph images don’t stack one against the other make sure alignment and link is set to “none” otherwise the format will look weird.

Once you are done you can click “Submit for Review” or “Publish” depending on your account’s role. New members will initially need to submit posts for review. Members who follow the guidelines will be granted approval to publish their addresses directly without admin approval (this privilege can be revoked if you fail to follow the guidelines).

Thanks to contributor tkwoods who has done an excellent and thorough walk-thru video on how to post a portal address as a registered member:

Questions? Contact the Repository admins using the form below: