From Toronto Canada: Rush!

This Address Was Last Updated During The Orbital Iteration. The weather, biome, flora and/or fauna may have changed.

Galaxy, Platform

01 Euclid (PS5), PS5

Hex Address


System Name

Cygnus X-1

Celestial Bodies

4 Planets


No Atmosphere

Discovered By


Base Description

On planet From Toronto, Canada: Rush! is the Rush Discography base which is my interpretations of every studio album cover. On planet Gekky Lee is the Neil Peart Lyrical Sculpture Garden which chronically contains lyrics (via message modules) from Rush songs that are also represented visually. The tour moves onto the Peart Lyrical Sculpture Garden continued base. Finally and located on planet Professor is the Temples of Syrinx.


Please leave any communication stations at the Portal. Feel free to say where you’re from.

Game Mode, Biome, Keywords

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