Urusha XIX


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10 Eissentam (PC), PC

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6 Planets


Acid Rain









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I don't know, just passing thru


Where to start? So impressed by POPOPAPIER submission of Lumdali, I had to build an AI mining rig; then you have to find a market for all the AI you mine, so I'm tooling along back from Euclid to Eissentam finding markets.
I warp into this system for yet another triggered Freighter battle, and it's a banana boat S-Class, sheesh!! I know like the rest of you regulars that this can be manipulated by knowing when your 5th warp is due and how to go to the space station and save your game and then go do battle till the Class/Race/Design is found; but in my last two encounter; it's been S-Class by sheer luck. Enough!! I'm not trading my A-Class cause it's too much work! Done.. If you don't see it... there's much much more to do here.. oKay

The planets, OMG this system has excellent planets. I'm trying my best to enjoy selling all me AI from Buhry H41 and a S-Class Shuttle shows up. Off to the races. Then a S-Class exox show up. Off to the races. Finally sell all my AI for a loss and go to enjoy this fantastic sunset @ +57.55 -77.71 on Bojai XIII (Sweltering Damp)
Bojai XIII
Water Blue, plants/grass glowing, gulls calling its awesome.
So I decide to build a base by some Sentient Plants because... you know to break up the serenity, mix it up a bit. So I'm pulling a electric wire to a sodium lamp and some rouge pirate lands to give me a hand and a opportunity to purchase an S-Class Explorer: What a nice neighborhood!

There's a Paradise Planet called Rinikkir S44 Yawn!

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