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10 Eissentam (PC), PC

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I don't know, just passing thru.


3.311 LY from Galactic Core (Eissentam)

Wilm is a paradise planet.
Used ships economy scanner to find a trade post to sell all my walker brains ~ explosive drones, harvested and made in Hedenevi IX; I no sooner landed than an exotic parked.
Within minutes, another flew off while I was off platform, harvesting some curious deposits. This is the list I purchased and scrapped in order of appearance on Wilm or Piehbo Station Sigma.
The Mother of the Abyss (Exotic) x 3
Lucent Son DD5 (Hauler) x 1
The Reflection of Frost (Fighter) x 1
CX3 Aiwaden (Explorer) X 1

A few words of the image overlay.
I've either found a bug, (known/unknown?) that makes walker brains rain from the sky!
Kill a sentinel, force the fight, escalate till the walker is announced; then go hide in a cave (terrain manipulator or ready made) urging them flying sentinels to follow you. Walker will not arrive while you are hidden!
While hidden, fight off sentinels killing all but one. Stay hidden but with a view of the terrain and watch for the raining brains. If it doesn't happen step out from your cover and the walker will arrive and start attacking. Kill off the walker and force the fight again. Sometimes its is best to escape and let the cool down happen and travel far enough away for the area to respawn. Use personal force shield, eat food, regain hazard, life, shield while the one drone is attacking while it is raining brains. I've harvested over a million nanites and thousands of walker brains in the past couple days.

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