Wusantessau Shoals


Galaxy, Platform

01 Euclid (PS4), PS4

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Celestial Bodies

5 Planets 1 Moon


Mostly Calm






Low Security


Construction // Destitute

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Base Description

Battle of Shackleton Trench
This historic site is where an engagement happened between the Vy’keen submarine V-Boat 96 and a AGT Kingfisher starship. A sect of renegade Vy’keen warriors known as the Qiaoz Miltia (QM) initiated what was known as The Hexplate Bush War. This sect started plundering hexagon planets to harvest hexplate bushes whose magical properties helped feed their war machine. The Alliance of Galactic Travellers (AGT) sent a volunteer Kingfisher starship squadron to help stall the Vy’keen aggression. Kingfishers were a type of torpedo bomber designed to hunt the elusive QM V-boats who patrolled the planet Wusantessau Shoals. The QM used this system, Tulufang, as a staging area for raids on the nearby systems that had hexagon planets. During this battle V-Boat 96 tried a extreme dive to escape through the Shackleton Trench but a direct hit from the Kingfisher heavily damaged the V-Boat, effectively putting it out of commission. This event helped turn the tide of the war which ended soon after with the unconditional surrender of the QM. This is now a living history site where visitors and see and interact with the restored V-Boat and Kingfisher.. We hope you enjoy your visit.


Please allow time for base to render in.
Please leave communications stations at the portal (feel free to tell us where you are from). If base doesn’t fully render in try warping back to base through the terminus located near the landing pad.

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