Ayge X28

This Address Was Last Updated During The Emergence Iteration. The weather, biome, flora and/or fauna may have changed.

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01 Euclid (PS4), PS4

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Celestial Bodies

5 Planets 1 Moon


Occasional severe rain storm.





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Base Description

My base is modeled after the famous Stargate Command home to SG-1, from the TV show Stargate. The portal is inside the base as you'll see when you arrive, landing pad right outside-(But ship may end up on other side of building). 1The following is a list of rooms;
1. GATE ROOM- This is where the Stargate-(Portal) is located in fact the whole base is built around the gate.
2. GATE CONTROL ROOM-This is on the 2nd Floor and even has blast doors....Press the button!
3. CONFERENCE ROOM- This is the conference room where theynheld all meetings pertaining to GATE travel, destinations, encounters and so on. This is on the 3rd Floor above the control room. It also has the base commanders office and his assistant-(As with Genral Hammond, for those SG fans).
4. INFIRMARY-med beds on the 1st floor directly outside the gate room for fast transport of injured.
5. ARMORY- This is located next to the INFIRMARY and next to the gate room entrance. There is equipment for each know species TRAVELER, VY'KEEN AND GEK.
6. LAB-This room is located right outside the Control room on the 2nd floor and is equipped to handle all discoveries from the gate, from plant to various other lifeforms.


1 Player


Open to any suggestions, tips or tricks. Hope you enjoy I also have my Japanese influenced base not to far from this base called Wolves Den, check it out if you like and let me know what you think by sending a Facebook IM (username: wendel.kurz.7)

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