Hauropads Roran

This Address Was Last Updated During The Prisms Iteration. The weather, biome, flora and/or fauna may have changed.

Galaxy, Platform

01 Euclid (PS4), PS4

Hex Address


System Name

<{[BH]}> Gatoki

Celestial Bodies

5 Planets


Roaring Ice Storms








Mass Production // Adequate

Discovered By


Base Description

New Overlook Ski Resort is a popular destination for paranormal enthusiasts. A weathly Gek, Darby Zubrick, purposely built the hotel over a ancient burial ground in hopes it would trigger paranormal events which immediately started happening. Many strange things mirror occurrences from the Earth film The Shining. Experts think wormholes from a alternative universe are responsible for these strange events. Visiting here is not recommended for the faint of heart. Some of the amenities of the resort include: A ski lift and several ski slopes, a Sphere race course, a hedge maze, Lloyd’s Bar and Grill, enclosed rooftop hot tub, the grand ballroom, several hotel rooms with various paranormal activities, glitch garden, tours of the underground burial chambers, the indoor arboretum.
Fans of The Shining are encouraged to find as many references to the film as they can. Be warned this is a extreme cold planet with storms so plan accordingly. Please note when flying in during a storm the landing pad may be hard to spot it is located away from the base computer on the mountain top.


Please allow time for base to render in.
Please leave communications stations at the portal (feel free to tell us where you are from). If base doesn’t fully render in try warping back to base through the terminus located on the back of the landing pad.

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