Gosterry T29


Galaxy, Platform

03 Calypso (PC), PC



Hex Address


System Name

Setserag III

Celestial Bodies

4 Planets 2 Moons


Blistering Floods









Discovered By

I don't know, just passing thru

Base Description

In the system of Setserag III, I have not built a base. I have used one portal (Gosterry T29) to find all other portal locations in the system by replacing the first glyph from one ~ six. These planets are mostly extremes with the Torrential Heated Rain, Blizzards, Gamma Storms w/ asteroid strikes, Fire Storms, and mean Sentential; cause you know... Gav Balls abound in this system. Desert planet and Bladed planets I'm not charging my Exo Suit every turn of my visor tho.


Using my ships Scanner I aimed to find the local trade center and see what landed.
S Class Exotic Yellow
2-S Class Hauler varying degree of ugly ducklins
2-S Class Explorers
An A-Class Explorer that always scraped me a Storage Unit, 5+ time ~ That particular Explorer came in a S-Class but I was interested in scrapping for Storage, and beefing up the A-Class Fighter I liked. Lots of Haulers are interesting in design, shuttle no so much, fighter in Tie Wing w/ snubbed front, yet did not see any in S-Class fighters. After working the system, eventually I saw three S-Class on the Space Station whilst I was refining the "Runaway Mould" I fetched off Riplusira Izawa.
Funny thing is I was capturing screenshot and missed the exotic off the tarmac twice, and then some time later I was in a battle with some sentinels at a factory and saw it fly past and I pursued into space around asteroids, dodging drones for 5 minutes with drones OMAz. I hit the pulse drive for a millisecond and poof.. lost contact.. I the idea was to get away and call in my Freighter and hope it would land....meh :) The main thing is I had FUN.. Btw.. if you go there and get bored, open the galley map and look for the system "Pisyfi" there is a black and white infected planet that gets up to 610 degrees and the color pops in when the landscapes on fire.. Send pics, but take your Minotaur.

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