AGT Minima

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), Alliance of Galactic Travellers, PS4
Hex Address 2039F3545C3E
System Name AGT Holbere-Lugark
Celestial Bodies 6 Planets
Climate Beautiful
Flora Full
Fauna Rich
Sentinels Minimal
Economy Fuel generation // Satisfactory
Discovered By zaz_ariins
Base Description Munchkinia
Located on planet AGT Minima, AGT Holbere-Lugark System, Yihelli Quadrant, Gamma Quadrant, Euclid Galaxy.
Munchkinia is a vacation retreat of the famous Gek rock musician Guyute Axilla. When not on tour or at his other homes Guyute uses this location for camping trips, solitude, parties and epic chess sessions with his friends. With a gorgeous view of the Minima Lighthouse, designed and built by famous architect Khalid Blade, this location also includes Guyute’s Psychedelic Swimming Pool which includes the Traveller Army statues and underwater gardens. For the adventurous jump off the diving platform into the pool. Explore the beautiful grounds. This is part of the Alliance of Galactic Travellers (AGT) community “tiny house” project. There are many other bases one may visit. We hope you enjoy your visit.
Notes Please allow time for base to render in.
Also if base icon doesn’t appear when making the first portal jump, try to go back and try again. Please leave communications stations at the portal (feel free to tell us where you are from). Due to base complexity please allow time for rendering. Please note there are many other bases.
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