Eden 5

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), PS4
Hex Address 418D0397CD7E
System Name New Eden 1
Celestial Bodies 6 Planets
Climate Refreshing Breeze
Flora Frequent
Fauna Abundant
Sentinels Observant
Economy Metal Processing // Destitute
Discovered By Starwatcher777
Base Description Elysium Fields Nature Path
Located on planet Eden 5, New Eden 1 System, Sea of Tiwaty Region, Alpha Quadrant, Euclid Galaxy.
Elysium Fields Nature Path is a popular tourist destination for nature enthusiasts. Known for it’s exotic flora and unique sculptures, Elysium Fields is a great place to unwind, self reflect, mediate or just explore the interesting location. Follow the boardwalk through the enchanted forest. Marvel at the amazing views from the elevated viewing platform. Observe the strange fauna that roam the park. The nature path was commissioned by the eccentric Gek trader E.A. Hawse several years ago. We hope you enjoy your visit. Please note there are several other bases on this planet.
Notes Please allow time for base to render in.
Also if base icon doesn’t appear when making the first portal jump, try to go back and try again. Please leave communications stations at the portal (feel free to tell us where you are from). Due to base complexity please allow time for rendering of interactive items when using the short range teleporters.
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