Please Help Support The Portal Repository!

Running a fan website for the No Man’s Sky community has been one of the best experiences in my life. What started out as a personal hobby back in late 2017 has blossomed into an international gaming website used by thousands of people every day! It’s been incredibly fun to provide this service to the dedicated fans of No Man’s Sky and I hope to keep the momentum going.

What some might not know is that I this built this website myself, pay for all the server hosting, domain name registration and on-going maintenance out of my own pocket. The Portal Repository is a passion project and I’m a one-man-band running everything behind-the-scenes. In early 2019 the site quickly outgrew the tiny server it was hosted on and I had to scale up to a more expensive server in order to keep up with the increased traffic. With the release of No Man’s Sky: Origins I am once again facing the need to scale up the hosting servers in order to accommodate the higher traffic.

In order to help cover the costs of hosting I made the difficult decision last year to begin serving ads on this website. This was a difficult decision because I personally hate internet ads. They’re annoying, intrusive and unsightly. But, they also pay the bills.

If you’re a fan of The Portal Repository and want to help keep it online there are a few different ways you can support this website:

1.  Donate via PayPal

2. Purchase merch from our TeeSpring store

3. Disable your Adblockers on The Portal Repository

4. Become a Patreon Supporter Become a Patron!

As Patreon support increases I will scale back ads on this site. Here’s how it works:

$25/mo on Patreon = 25% reduction in ads

$50/mo on Patreon = 50% reduction in ads

$100/mo on Patreon = 75% reduction in ads

$200/mo on Patreon = 100% of ads removed

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who has donated, bought merch or been a Patreon supporter over the past few years. In particular I’d like to give a shout out to the seven people who are still Patreon supporters today:

Katie Booth,DJ Dark Cloud, Michael Stroup, Ted Dees, Kyle Culver, Daniel George and Alex Moberg