Jied 20/Q7

This address was last updated during the Crossplay iteration. Some planetary and system characteristics may have changed.

Galaxy, Platform

10 Eissentam (PS4), PS4

Hex Address


System Name


Celestial Bodies

6 Planets


bountiful / dangerously hot fog

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Base Description

Atlas Word 4 in Eissentam is one of four Atlas Word pulse fishing systems that I've found. When in pulse drive between planets, a "Messenger of Atlas" will pop up and give you a new word in the Atlas language. Usually you have to get them by answering questions at monoliths or visiting Atlas interface stations, but this way is much quicker if you're trying to collect them all. Just save and reload before each pulse fishing trip (including the first one or it sometimes won't show up). It pops up quickly, usually within 15 seconds.


Feel free to either message me, join my game, or add me as a NMS friend (N4SV-ARWQ-V9S2W), if you want a ride into any of the Atlas Word systems. Going by portal won't let you build bases there or open the galaxy map, but you can if you join a game. A video on these 4 systems is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BYlbcC8Or0

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