In-Game ARG Beginning? [Updated July 15 2020]

Last weekend season 2 of the weekend missions began and it seems we have a bit of a mystery on our hands. Iteration Ariadne who usually stands on the first ramp leading into the Space Anomaly has mysteriously disappeared!

Players that interacted with her recently saw the following dialog:

-{{I intend to face the cause of all these anomalies and disturbances myself, whatever the cost. }}-

This week the platform along the anomaly’s entrance ramp is conspicuously vacant…

Where has Iteration Ariadne gone? Players have been trying to determine the source of the disturbances and anomalies ourselves for months without success, so perhaps she’ll be able to shed more light on the situation. Or perhaps other Travellers from the anomaly will follow suit.

Whatever happens next the No Man’s Sky community will be watching closely!



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[Update: July 15th, 2020] Ariadne is back in the Space Anomaly. What happened to her while she was gone? Is this even the same Ariadne who stood there before or did she die and get “reset”?