Mandalorian Diplo World

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), PS4
Hex Address 41C9FF63BC8D
System Name Mivala-Ott XII
Celestial Bodies 6 Planets
Climate Torrid Deluges
Flora High
Fauna Generous
Sentinels Irregular Patrols
Economy Sustainable
Discovered By ta73ReFact
Base Description Comfortable ranch with everything one could need. Diplos abound!!! Base is located 400u North of the portal and contains the following: large outdoor star bulb farm, antimatter reactor, signal booster, nutrient processors, atmosphere & oxygen harvesters, trade terminal, save points, and 2 x large refiners. Basement has frostwart, solar vine, cactus, gamma root, and carbon. Planet has Ancient Bones, Star Bulb, Activated Indium, Paraffinium, and Silver. No real predators but some odd friendly werewolves stomping around. Diplos vary with either a ridged crest on top of the head or fan appendages on sides of head and average 6.8 - 7.1m tall.
Notes Please leave communications stations at portal. Base inside is fully furnished so enjoy, sit by the fireplace and relax. Feel free to build on planet or just stop by and harvest.
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