Olandromen Ujin

Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), PS4
Hex Address 0078F9B67AD7
Galactic Coordinates 02D6:0078:0366:0078
System Name Gatoki
Celestial Bodies 4 Planets
Climate Sweltering Damp
Flora Copious
Fauna Numerous
Sentinels Regular patrols
Economy Mass production // adequate
Discovered By bionicheart70
Base Description SPECTRUM CASINO, ART MUSEUM and RESORT. Your one stop for your vacation needs. Enjoy our beaches and swimming pools. Try your luck in our casino with table games and slots. Have a cocktail at one of our bars. Dance the night away on our outdoor dance floor to the sick beats of our resident robot, DJ 2001. Browse our several art galleries. Enjoy a gourmet meal cooked in our 5 star kitchen and restaurant. Enjoy a movie in our movie theater. Relax in our indoor botanical gardens. For the adventurous, try to find the nearby ancient underground tree, The Underhill Wisdom Tree. Try to locate the hidden underwater barnacle room. Do some fishing on our fishing pier. Feed the tame wildlife or just explore a beautiful planet. We hope you visit and enjoy your stay and don’t forget each patron receives complimentary Nip Nip Buds!
Notes This system is a tourist system. There is a base on each planet. A winter resort, a war memorial / historic fort and a hidden ancient ruin.
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