Portal Repository Back Online

Now that some Xbox players have confirmed that they have access to No Man’s Sky: NEXT, The Portal Repository will re-activate and players can now start submitting portal addresses for the latest version of the game.

All the current Atlas Rises addresses that were submitted before NEXT launch have been copied over to a subdomain: atlasrises.portalrepository.com to live forever in posterity. All existing addresses on the Main Repository have been marked with the “Atlas Rises” tag, a text banner has been added above the meta field and the glyphs background is colorized purple to help differentiate old addresses from new ones.




Since NEXT is launching today The Portal Repository will no longer accept address submissions from the previous 1.3x Atlas Rises version of the game. If you would like to update the information for an old address please use the submission form and select “yes” when asked “Is This an Update to an Existing Address In The Repository?”.




If you think the submission form should be changed to accommodate new features in NEXT please comment below or email the Repository admin.

Merry NEXTmas fellow Travellers!

— HusbandVader