Uglaiwuli Legro

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01 Euclid (PS4), PS4

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Tenssolvup XV






Infrequent. 11 out of 10 species discovered. Yeah, you read that right and it's not a typo!




Nano-construction/ Satisfactory

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****** The base has a beacon within its perimeter, so if you don't see it when you arrive, you will not see the base. Try again later and PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ANY COMM STATIONS SAYING THE BASE ISN'T THERE JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T SEE IT.****** This is my second base on the same planet, wanted one near both caves and water and luckily there was this one with the portal just over the hill. It took a lot of time to get everything as it is -- with seamless integration of inverted section of the base and antimatter/warp cell farming -- so I’m not moving anywhere. This is my base and it is finished! *** Perfect weather, no need for shields. Literally dozens of hours (real time) will pass without a single storm. Sometimes I get a little shower after getting back through the portal... *** The base is 2 minutes away by exocraft and 7 min on foot (no water to get over). It has a trade terminal where stasis devices sell for 19,120,000. *** There are 5 circuit boards, 2 liq. explosives, 2 living glass, albumen pearls, gravitino balls, NipNip, 5x antimatter and 1 warp cell -- if you bring 1000 of each gas and 500 thamium, you’ll get more than 40 million units and 6 warp cells...

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