Market Capitol

Discovered ByeXpErT-Aka
NotesStatis Device Farm; Region located at center; [Required to bring your ship (set way point after crossing portal); 2nd base at this planet. (*see note from admin in comments section)
Hexadecimal Address103602FF8FFE
System NameUijamp Fringe Finance Trade – Eissentam C
Galactic Coordinates07FD:0081:07F7:0036
EconomyMathematical // Opulent

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  1. *Note from Admin:
    The base featured in the picture may or may not be visible to other players. Only one player base can be visible to other players in any given system. If there are multiple bases in this system then it’s likely that only the latest one will be visible. This means that the Stasis Device farm may not be accessible to others. Also, if people are claiming bases in this system temporarily in order to re-locate to the center of the galaxy then it’s likely that the temporary bases are over-riding the previous player bases.

    1. Understood, thanks for the clarification! If anyone visits this planet please feel free to share your experience with base visibility here in the comments.

  2. Yeah the base is not visible. when I move it again I will update the post. The problem is to keep the base for others, because anyone can claim one and make it disapear.

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