Private Addresses

Introducing a new feature to user-submitted portal addresses: password protection!

There may be times when you want to add an address to The Portal Repository but don’t want just anybody to show up on your planet. Although there’s no PVP in No Man’s Sky there are still ways trolls and ne’er-do-wells can mess with other players. So in an effort to provide options for privacy on The Portal Repository now users can obscure the portal address for their planet using a password. Without the password the community can still view the screenshot and planet details, like flora, fauna, economy, etc, but they won’t be able to see the coordinates without knowing the password.

On the Submit Address page just answer “Yes” to whether you want the address to be privately listed, then enter the password you want to use. Passwords are case-sensitive.

To see an example of this go to: Kobol’s Gateway and enter the password: test

Once you enter the correct password the page will refresh and the glyph address will become visible. If you enter the wrong password the page will refresh and you will again be prompted to enter the correct password.

If you want to add a password to an address you previously submitted please use the contact form below:

Error: Contact form not found.

**Please do not use passwords that you use anywhere else on the internet. Portal Repository admins are able to see all passwords as plain-text. Using a password to protect access to an address is not a guarantee of absolute privacy and you cannot hold The Portal Repository or anyone associated with this website responsible/liable for any damages, real or perceived.**