Leeshuijze AF568

Galaxy, Platform 07 Budullangr (PC), PC
Mods No
Hexadecimal Address 41D0FCCCD9D4
Galactic Coordinates 01D3:007B:04CC:01D0
System Name Dawasah XIX
Climate Balmy
Flora Limited
Fauna Sparse
Sentinals Standard
Economy Minerals promising.
Discovered By
Notes Star bulb, cymatygen, copper, heridium. 11 species of creature. Nice weather almost all the time. Nice Lush orange grass and aqua hills. Five other planets In system. Base 28 mins on foot marked by red beacon. Set up mainly to farm Stasis device components, plus some fungal mould. Nitrogen gas atmos. approx 711000 ly From Galatic core.
Game Mode, Biome, Keywords , , , ,
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    1. Hey HusbandVader,

      Yeah my base isn’t very exiting, just a series of glass domes. I set it up purely for profit, not beauty. I must of been to,your planet at some stage because i printed out a bunch of addresses from this site to use when I was hunting for different components for crafting. I have Emeril written against it.

  1. Tried different 1st glyphs for this address but there appears to be a bug that leads all addresses in this system to the planet Skoperge Ubsaug. I reported the bug to HG.

    A similar bug affects the portal address leading to my base. Whenever anyone tries to dial my base planet’s address it sends them to the next-closest planet in that system. Hopefully after the next update this portal bug will get fixed

  2. Skoperge Ubsang is another planet in my system you’re right. That’s a pain. Wonder how many other people out there have portal addresses that direct people to other places.

    1. Yeah from what I can gather from the community it appears bugged portal addresses are fairly common. MacForADay says about 1 in 5 portal addresses don’t work. Guess we’ll hope they fix this in the next update.

    1. You know what, I double-checked my base address in Budullangr and it appears my coordinates were wrong (they were for my base in Euclid before I moved). My base in normal mode in Budullangr is here: https://portalrepository.com/2017/10/17/ra-mubrereyo/ I double-checked and confirm that I can dial into my base world from another planet without any issues. Feel free to come and visit, make and sell some circut boards. My base is only a short 20 minute walk/swim away from the portal and you can probably take my exocraft back to the portal after, save some time!

  3. I have been playing my Euclid game but decided to take your invite up.
    My base is just domes and plants, boring As hell And purely for profit.
    It was nice to see an actual base for change. Yours had heaps of stuff I’d never seen, actually looked like you could lbe there.
    A few things I found out since it was my first visit to someone else’s base other than that one I found on the uni day planet that was just the main round room you start with.
    I didn’t know where your base was when I got out of the portal. I would of thought that the game would mark it on your hud as a clamied base. I followed the exo craft icon and found it.
    When I got there and pressed summon exo craft, it was my craft, not yours , cause it was named with the name I call mine.
    I couldn’t get into your storage containers. Guess that’s where the good liquor is.
    I knew nothing of message modules , so bought the blueprint from your guy. He seems nice, said he needs a pay rise, and a seat.
    I set a module up at my base to see how it works.

    You have a nice cliff top sea view. Was tempted to leave a comment station blocking it , heheh, but I left it elsewhere.
    You do need a lifeguard though cause I nearly drowned getting there.
    I tried using a bypass chip also on your landing pad, but told me my ship was out of range.

    So all in all, it’s been educational


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